Get Ready For Amazon Prime Day

117548-pdl-pmp-old-hero-desktop._CB442705600_ Amazon’s highly anticipated Prime Day begins at midnight PT on Monday, July 15. You do not want to miss these deals.

This year Prime Day runs for an incredible 48 hours with more than one million deals around the world. This is the perfect time to Get Ready for BabyIncrease Your Movie LibraryCreate the Back Yard of Your DreamsRestyle Your Wardrobe or even get some Great Deals on Early Christmas Shopping. These fantastic prices are only available for Prime Members. If you are not one, don’t worry, there is…more

Take a Trip to the 90’s with Mill Creek Entertainment

63396_3lThe 90’s On Blu Ray from  Mill Creek Entertainment

The 90’s brought us an unparalleled era of film. This was the time when special effects were becoming popular. The movies of the 90’s were unique. There was no need for the excessive graphic violence we see in many of today’s films.  There was a laid back sense of humor that I love. If you love the movies of the 90’s as much as I do , you will love this. Mill Creek Entertainment is bringing back several of the 90’s classics on Blu Ray…more


The Weed Snatcher available at The Grommet

image1 (13)The Weed Snatcher By Ruppert Garden Tools

Pesky weeds and grass growing up in a sidewalk or driveway are unsightly. I got tired of scraping up my fingers and completely ruining my fingernails trying to pull these pesky plants out by hand. I do not want to use weed killers as I personally feel they are just plain bad for the environment. So, I started looking at more organic options…more