Out of This World Paper Airplanes Kit

51iU5h0oXCL._SY391_BO1,204,203,200_airOut of This World Paper Airplanes Kit

I remember making paper airplanes as a child. I was never very good at it. Try as I may, I did not know the skills to make em fly. When I got to high school I had some friends in UIL that actually competed in paper airplanes. These guys could really get em to fly. I would watch them fold…more



Camels are one of my favorite animals. I am thrilled to be able to share them with my granddaughter, Teagan with ABDO Publishing’s book entitled “Camels” In the book, written by Leo Statts, readers will learn all…more



There are so many amazing creatures on the planet. Many are living near us that we may never even see. Newts are one of these seldom seen tiny friends that are thriving in many places around the…more

Grow Food Anywhere

OGrow Food Anywhere

When we moved from the ranch I grew up on I knew there would be some big changes to my world. One of these was going from an acre garden that was deer and rabbit fenced to a yard in the city. I knew I would still garden. I just had to figure out how…more