Paperless Kitchen 5 Skoy Cloth Giveaway

 Like keeping your home clean, but hate all those wasted paper towels. Not only do they cost alot they make quite an impact on the environment. Paper comes from trees. Then the have to make em in factories and haul em to the store in trucks. Paperless Kitchen is your online source for paper towel alternatives and other green kitchen products. I adore the whole idea behind Paperless Kitchen. These guys are determined to help the environment one sale at a time. They sent over a set of Skoy Cloths for review. What is a Skoy Cloth you ask. Skoy cloths are super…more

Candle Warmer Etc… The Original Alternative to Lighting a Candle

  Candles are a great way to fragrance your home. The trouble with em is they can sometimes be dangerous. Candle Warmers Etc., The Original Alternative to Lighting  a Candle showed me the way to get that great smell without the flame. October 8-12 is National Fire Prevention Week and Candle Warmers Etc sent us a couple of items for review. With the holidays just around the corner going flame-less and practicing candle-sense is the way to go. Lets Check out what they sent.

Ceramic Candle Warmer Lantern

I received the one in rustic jade. I love the color, so beautiful. Goes with many decors. Beautiful even before adding the incredible scent. Love the decorative touches. Carved designs lets light spill through adding to the ambiance. LED light started melting the scented wax almost immediately. Gorgeous and so much safer than a flame. especially around children. You know how easily candles can get knocked over by children playing. My favorite part… No blown out candle smell when you are done.

Create a warm mood in your home with the Ceramic Candle Warmer Lantern. A soft halogen light warms the top of the candle releasing the candle’s aroma within minutes, creating the ambiance of a burning candle. Offered in five rich, high-fired glazes with Damask and decorative vine accents, the Ceramic Lantern adds a unique accent to your home décor. Accomodates most 12-22 oz candles.

Jamie Clair Wicked Candles

Large candle looks fantastic displayed in warmer. As the wax melts that wonderful Cinnamon Cider smell wafted throughout the entire house. We were able to enjoy the fragrance everywhere not just right around the warmer. That is so cool.

Cinnamon Cider

The warm, inviting fragrance of apples and cinnamon!

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Perfect Cami $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

  If you are like me. You have quite a few shirts and blouses in your closet that are maybe just a little to revealing. Ya really love the shirt, but don’t feel comfortable wearing em in public cuz they show the girls off to much. Or maybe you have a fabulous jacket that is just to hot to wear a full blouse under. Perfect Cami has the answer for you. They sell the most beautiful…more

Crunchmaster – Grammy Crisps and Cheezy Crisps

Crunchmaster has added two new delicious products to their list of gluten free snacks. Let me introduce y’all to Cinnamon and Sugar Grammy Crisps and Cheddar Cheezy Crisps. They sent over a box of each for us to review. What I love about em. Both are gluten free, peanut free and oven baked. Lets check the new flavors.

Crunchmaster Crisp Grammy Cinnamon Sugar

These all natural Grammy Crisps are perfectly crunchy bite sized goodness. Cinnamon sugar is perfectly balanced. Delicious A great new way to make smores . Zero saturated fat, 21 grams of whole grain per serving. Awesome graham taste without any wheat.

Crunchmaster Crispy Cheddar Cheezy

Made with real cheese and you can taste it. Twenty- two grams of whole grain lip smackin’ goodness. Nutritious and fat free way to get your snack on. Crunchy explosion of mild cheddar flavor. Perfect as an addition to school lunches or a healthy afternoon snack. Love em

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Gumbies Colorado Natural Salsas and Sauces Giveaway

  You pretty much start eating salsa around here as a toddler. Mommas try and say no baby, it’s too spicy, but as a Texan there is just no stoppin the want. I am one of those Moms that say hey it’s got fruits and veggies in it so why not. I was sent some truly delicious salsa that was made in Colorado. First thought was do they know how to make real salsa in Colorado. The answer is YES they do. Gumbies Colorado Natural Salsas and Sauces sent over three of their tasty salsas and sauces for review. Let’s check em out…more

Firmoo Global Online Optical Store

  Hubby loves wearing stylish sunglasses. He has lots of em. His eyes are sensitive to the sun so I have no problem with his collection. Firmoo sent over a pair for us to try out. The company is very professional.  The package was received  quickly. Let me tell ya what he thought about em.

Men’s full frame metal eyeglasses

The sunglasses are available in several levels of tinting and numerous lens colors. Hubby chose 40% tinting on grey lenses.  He says the level of tinting is perfect. There is absolutely no glare when in the sun. Love they way they fit. Stylish, comfortable. Best mail order sunglasses he has gotten to date. Also available in prescription lenses. Sunglasses came complete with both a hard side case and soft protective bag. Toolkit included is a very nice surprise. Perfect for those times ya need a fix.

These aviator glasses are robust and full of life. The double bridge makes for a stronger frame, while the cushioned nose pads give added comfort. The flexible arms make the glasses suitable for most facial shapes. Add bifocal/progressive lenses to these frames for a multifaceted effect. Two colors are in stock, silver and gunmetal.

  • Gender:Men
  • Material:Metal
  • Frame Style:Full Frame
  • Spring Hinge: No
  • Single vision:Yes
  • Bifocal/Progressive: Yes
  • Suitable for people with PD of 61mm – 80mm

Firmoo Sells Glasses in These Categories:

Men’s Glasses

Womens’ Glasses

RX Sunglasses

BiFocal and Progressive


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Sexy Patriotic Halloween Costumes

With Halloween around the corner I was really glad to get a chance to check out one of the amazing costumes available from Anytime Costumes. They sent over a hot patriotic costume for me to review.

Miss Liberty Women’s Sexy Costume

I know I will be looking good for Halloween 2012. My new Miss Liberty costume is perfect for this season or even the 4th of July. Soft stretchy fabric hugs your curves giving a sexy look. This isn’t your average costume with super sheer flimsy material. This one is well made and going to last. Hubby likes the look of this one so much I can see me getting many more chances to use it. Includes a comfortably fitting crown headband and a torch. The torch has three light up settings for different looks. Really loving it. Does not include shoes, but this one works with numerous styles so ya probably already have the perfect pair in your closet. If not Anytime Costumes sells great shoes too.

Light the way and help Americans find their way home when you dress up in the Miss Liberty Women’s Sexy Costume. This costume includes a dress, headpiece and a fully functional torch. The dress is a sexy little number that has a low cut V-neck and is the same shade of green as the Statue of Liberty. The stretch knit dress has a ruching and a side shirring detail. The headpiece s a seven point crown that looks like Lady Liberty’s herself. The coolest part of this costume is the small, light-up torch that comes with batteries included. This costume is perfect for Halloween, Memorial day, and any other patriotic holiday. Just add your own pair of shoes, or look for a pair right here on our website and you’ll have a complete ensemble.

Anytime Costumes Sells Costumes in These Great Categories:


Plus Size


Accessories and Make up




Pets and Mascots


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