Dublin Then and Now

9781910904848Dublin Then and Now

Traveling is one of my favorite past times. Exploring parts of the world that are known for their historical buildings fascinates me to no end. I often wonder how the entire area looked way back in history. If you feel this way too, and love the city of Dublin as much as I do, have I got a book for you…more

The World Never Sleeps

IMG_5733The World Never Sleeps

Open up your child’s imagination. Give them knowledge of the world around them with “The World Never Sleeps”. This non-fiction hard bound book is filled with lovely full color illustrations by Carol Schwartz. Author Natalie Rompella tells readers about the lives of  tiny creatures that we rarely see. These insects and more are always near, day and night. The intriguing tale will…more

Frost Guard: Simple Solutions to Cold Weather Problems



2 Security Panels | Wiper Cover | Mirror Covers

Don’t let winter weather make you late another day. Whether you live up north where the temps dip way below zero, or down south where I live, I know there have been days you have either been late or almost been late because of snow or ice on your windshield. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing your windshield completely covered in…more



Start your child off with a passion for knowledge. Historical buildings and sites help bring ancient history to life. Grace Hansen’s book “Petra” shows then and now photos of this magnificently carved city…more