Hidden Scotland

ScotlandHidden Scotland

Whenever my husband and I go traveling we like to do a little bit of research before we go. This is especially true if we are going to a destination we have not been to before.
Research is often done by…more


Oliver’s Birds

OliverOliver’s Birds

Brilliant full color photos fill the pages of this  bird lover’s visual paradise. Perfect blends of lighting, colors and textures playfully grace these Audubon quality photographs.  I love the personal touches …more

How to Raise Chickens for Fresh Eggs

A1iymQ9eSiL._SL1500_ (1)How to Raise Chickens

 There is nothing better than the taste of a freshly laid chicken egg. We have either had chickens or good friends that had chickens most of my lifetime. The kids grew up knowing the difference between farm raised and store bought eggs from an early age.

 I remember one winter and the hens decided…more