Winchell Mountain Coffee Giveaway

Winchell Mountain Coffee, a small family owned company from Pine Plains New York, has teamed up with cartoonist Sandra Boynton to create cute packaging for their quality coffees. I think y’all will agree the packaging is original. What a great gift idea for coffee lovers and cartoon fans as well. The bags are not only cute but…more

Journey Gym Giveaway (ARV $249)

  I highly and I mean highly recommend Journey Gym to everyone from fitness buffs on the go to folks who are just starting to get in shape. Journey Gym is super easy to use. Comes with a DVD containing a ten minute work out and a 20 minute workout. These workouts are a combination of cardio and muscle training. Hubby and I each did the 10 minute set and though the first time was a little bit of a challenge I can see that after a week this will be great. I feel like I got a good routine in. My endorphins are high. I feel fantastic. I still can’t believe you can get that much of a great exercise routine done in only 10 minutes…more 

Earth’s Berries – Soap Nuts Giveaway

I think we all want to do our part to help the environment and save a little money too. Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts has a great way to do so while cleaning your home and laundry naturally. What could be more natural than using Fruit straight from the Soap Nut Tree. Apparently there is a naturally occurring cleaning agent imbedded in the shells of soap nut called saponin that is great for cleaning. Folks around the world have been using Soap Nuts for a long time. I know ya have questions, I did…more

The Mighty Macs DVD Giveaway

 The Mighty Macs releases on DVD February 21,2012. This is a wonderful family movie. It tells the story a women’s basketball team in the 1970s that work to overcome many obstacles to prove their worth to them selves and others. I really enjoyed the video and highly recommend it. Totally rated G so nothing unsuitable in this one for the kiddos. Acting is excellent I give a big thumbs up to…more

Bialetti Pasta Pot Giveaway

The Bialetti family of products started out in Italy and has gone international. These guys sell kitchen items for cooking and creating the perfect cup of coffee. Bialetti sent over the “original” Pasta Pot from the Trends Collection for me to check out. I was able to choose fro three bold colors, Purple Passion, Orange Spice or Blue Cheer. I chose purple.The pasta pot is a generous 5 quart size. It has handles on both ends for easy mobility. The kicker is the great strainer lid that allows you to easily pour off the water from your pasta without spilling anything or having to wash another…more

Sun Cups by Seth Ellis Chocolatier

I don’t know about y’all, but I know quite a few people that are highly allergic to peanuts.  This is a real bummer when you want a tasty chocolate treat. Sun Cups is a wonderful way to treat your peanut allergic loved one to something really special. Sun Cups are delicious chocolate covered sun butter filled candies that will delight you taste buds. Not sure what sun butter is, well it’s like peanut butter except it is made with sunflower seeds instead of peanuts. Brilliant huh? Sun Cups are available in several flavors that are all created in a completely nut free, gluten free facility. So ya know your safe for allergy issues. They are also Organic, Vegetarian and Kosher. Woohoo.

Lets Check em Out:

Dark Chocolate Sun Cups

Hubby likes he dark chocolate best. No bitter flavors like ya get in some dark chocolate just super yummy goodness. He says and I quote ” I could get used to this”.

INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate* (cocoa liquor*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), Sunflower Seed*, Glucose*, White Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, milk powder*), Cocoa Butter*, Sea Salt.
*Organic ingredient. Rainforest Alliance Certified™. ALLERGENS: Dairy. Other products in our shop contain soy lecithin. Does not contain gluten, peanuts or tree nuts. Our facilities are nut- and gluten-free.

Milk Chocolate Sun Cups –

Tastes like chocolate covered sunflower seeds. What makes it really good is the mix of salt and chocolate. Center is slightly chunky. Unique and delicious.

INGREDIENTS: Milk Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, cocoa liquor*), Sunflower Seed*, Glucose*, White Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, milk powder*), Cocoa Butter*, Sea Salt.

Caramel Cups

Very creamy liquidy caramel center. Milk chocolate is excellent. Lovin these

INGREDIENTS: Milk Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*, cocoa liquor*), Cream*, Cane Sugar*, White Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*), Butter*, Lemon Juice*.

Mint Cups

Can immediately smell the minty goodness. I love the creamy mint center. The flavor lingers on your tongue for quite awhile after eating. Yumm

INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate* (cocoa liquor*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), Cream*, Cane Sugar*, White Chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*), Glucose*, Peppermint Flavor* (sunflower oil*, peppermint oil*).

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Deny Designs Shower Curtains

Deny Designs is one of those companies that has something for everyone’s taste. I really mean this, cuz if by some wild chance you can’t find something you like on their website. They will let you create your own works of decorative art.They sent over one of their awesome shower curtains for review. I love the design. This beauty will go with numerous style options and colors. I also love that you can just throw it off in the washer when it needs refreshing. Material is mid weight. Not to heavy and not to thin. Feels good quality, Stitching is nice, dyes appear set.

Madart Inc. Sweet Blossom Shower Curtain

Who says bathrooms can’t be fun? To get the most bang for your buck, start with an artistic, inventive Madart Inc. Sweet Blossom shower curtain. We’ve got endless options like the Madart Inc. Sweet Blossom shower curtain that will really make your bathroom pop. Heck, your guests may start spending a little extra time in there because of it!

– Dimensions: 69″ X 70″
– 100% Polyester
– Machine wash
– Buttonhole openings (shower rings not included)
– Ships within 5 – 10 days

Deny Designs Sells Products in these Great Categories:

Duvet Covers

Sheet Sets

Shower Curtains

Fleece Throw Blankets

Bling Boxes

Wall Clocks

Wall Art

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Cool Gear – Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go

Cool Gear   sent over their Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go for us to review. I am fortunate to get lunch at work daily but Hubby takes his. He takes sandwiches quite often out of simplicity. With the Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go he is able to take pretty much anything he wants without fear of the food spoiling in his lunchbox. The awesome thing about this lunch kit is the cool gel freezer compartment lid. You simply put the lid in the freezer overnight. The next day after yo make your lunch you place the lid on the container and your food stays cold and fresh til lunch. It even has a double lock so no worries about stuff spilling out. This is so perfect for left overs. I know I prefer enchiladas rice and beans over a sandwich any day. Now if you still have a hankering for a sandwich you can put one in the Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go. Just place in a plastic sandwich bag first so condensation is not a problem. Oh think about it. You don’t have to stick to lunch meats with this beauty. Egg salad or bbq chicken on a bun would even be safe as it stays nice and cold.

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“Hot and Cheesy” by Clifford A. Wright

Hubby is a big fan of cheese. He like all kinds of recipes that include cheese.  When I was given a copy of “Hot and Cheesy” by Clifford A. Wright for review . Well let’s just say he was excited. I let him choose which recipe he wanted to try out. Hubby, being the true Texan he is choose Enchiladas Verde on page 152. This was an excellent choice. I like how Clifford tells the history of foods along with the recipe. I learned quite a bit reading this cookbook.

Ya’ll know Enchiladas Verde had the house smelling absolutely amazing while I was cooking. While this recipe was a bit more complex than most the result was super satisfying. At first I thought the radish rose garnish was a bit odd. It turns out they go well together with the enchiladas.

Here’s a little info from the publisher:

Today’s cooks have more varieties of cheeses to choose from than ever before, and this book proves cheese is not just for a sandwich. Clifford Wright, acclaimed author of Bake Until Bubbly and The Best Soups in the World, has a knack for tackling the best-loved topics in a way no one else ever has before. Wright, a James Beard Cookbook of the Year award-winner has researched the cuisines of the globe to create HOT & CHEESY (Wiley Paperback, February 7, 2012; $22.99), a collection of 250 recipes from everything you can possibly make with cheese.
In any form cheese is a staple ingredient in many of our favorite comfort foods—from a gooey macaroni and cheese to a spicy quesadilla—but never before have so many hot and delicious cheese recipes been brought together in one place. HOT & CHEESY solves every cheese lover’s dilemma, providing a wealth of American and International comfort foods dripping with cheeses of every kind. The cookbook covers everything from fritters, pastries, casseroles, pastas, sandwiches, to pizzas and almost anything else you could top, stuff, or sprinkle with cheese.
Like all of Wright’s books, this collection of comfort food recipes includes historical and cultural notes about      each recipe. Descriptions of the cheeses include pronunciation, type of milk the cheese is made from, flavor profiles and the best way to use them, and he even tells you how to make your own cheese. Additionally, Wright provides tips and insights to the other components of the dish like where the word calzone comes from, and what to do with leftover fondue.

Here are some examples of recipes from Hot and Cheesy:

  • American Favorites: Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Lasagne, Pizzas, Quesadillas, New York-style Cheescake, and Quiches
  • International Recipes: Swiss Polenta Casserole, Greek Meze of Saganaki, Rotoni with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Tibetan Blue Cheese and Beef Soup, Tomato Tart with Figs, Fontina and Goat Cheese, Pizza Flamiche, and Saag Paneer.

From imported artisanals to the pride of Wisconsin and California, from gouda to gruyere, there’s something   in HOT & CHEESY for every cheese lover.

Clifford A. Wright is the author of thirteen cookbooks, including A Mediterranean Feast, which won the James Beard/KitchenAid Cookbook of the Year award and the James Beard Award for the Best Writing on Food in 2000. Wright’s articles on food and cuisine have appeared in Gourmet, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Saveur, and other magazines. He lives in Santa Monica, California. For more information about Clifford A. Wright, please visit

The only thing I think that would improve Hot and Cheesy would be pictures. All in all I have to say this is an amazing cookbook. just look at the table of contents and imagine the possibilities.

Soups, Sauces, and Dips

Fritters with Cheese

Savory Pastries with Cheese

Savory Crepes and Pancakes with Cheese

Pies, Tarts, and Quiches with Cheese

Pizzas, Calzones, and Breads with Cheese

Sandwiches with Cheese

Quesadillas, Enchiladas, and Burritos with Cheese

Eggs and Cheese

Cheese and More Cheese

Pasta with Cheese

Rice and Polenta with Cheese

Vegetables with Cheese

Meat and Seafood with Cheese

Sweets with Cheese

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Kidde – Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

  I have been looking for a good kitchen fire extinguisher for quite awhile and couldn’t find one. When Kidde  sent over their Kitchen Fire Extinguisher for us to review I was thrilled. It is a really good idea to have fire safety equipment available especially in the kitchen. Fires can start so easily. Putting a towel or hot pad to close to the stove. Over heating grease or oil. So many simple things can cause immense damage. Having an extinguisher close at hand can stop these instances from becoming serious in seconds. Cooking is the number one cause of fires in the home…more