Winchell Mountain Coffee Giveaway

Winchell Mountain Coffee, a small family owned company from Pine Plains New York, has teamed up with cartoonist Sandra Boynton to create cute packaging for their quality coffees. I think y’all will agree the packaging is original. What a great gift idea for coffee lovers and cartoon fans as well. The bags are not only cute but…more

Journey Gym Giveaway (ARV $249)

  I highly and I mean highly recommend Journey Gym to everyone from fitness buffs on the go to folks who are just starting to get in shape. Journey Gym is super easy to use. Comes with a DVD containing a ten minute work out and a 20 minute workout. These workouts are a combination of cardio and muscle training. Hubby and I each did the 10 minute set and though the first time was a little bit of a challenge I can see that after a week this will be great. I feel like I got a good routine in. My endorphins are high. I feel fantastic. I still can’t believe you can get that much of a great exercise routine done in only 10 minutes…more 

Earth’s Berries – Soap Nuts Giveaway

I think we all want to do our part to help the environment and save a little money too. Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts has a great way to do so while cleaning your home and laundry naturally. What could be more natural than using Fruit straight from the Soap Nut Tree. Apparently there is a naturally occurring cleaning agent imbedded in the shells of soap nut called saponin that is great for cleaning. Folks around the world have been using Soap Nuts for a long time. I know ya have questions, I did…more

The Mighty Macs DVD Giveaway

 The Mighty Macs releases on DVD February 21,2012. This is a wonderful family movie. It tells the story a women’s basketball team in the 1970s that work to overcome many obstacles to prove their worth to them selves and others. I really enjoyed the video and highly recommend it. Totally rated G so nothing unsuitable in this one for the kiddos. Acting is excellent I give a big thumbs up to…more

Bialetti Pasta Pot Giveaway

The Bialetti family of products started out in Italy and has gone international. These guys sell kitchen items for cooking and creating the perfect cup of coffee. Bialetti sent over the “original” Pasta Pot from the Trends Collection for me to check out. I was able to choose fro three bold colors, Purple Passion, Orange Spice or Blue Cheer. I chose purple.The pasta pot is a generous 5 quart size. It has handles on both ends for easy mobility. The kicker is the great strainer lid that allows you to easily pour off the water from your pasta without spilling anything or having to wash another…more