Organic Perfume from Harvey Prince

hello-50ml-harvey-princeHello – The Spritz That Greets You With a Smile

Hubby loves the smell of really good perfume. I won’t wear most perfumes because they are packed full of nasty chemicals. We were both thrilled to find that Harvey Prince Organics makes incredible…more

Powerful Machines: Trains


Trains have fascinated people as long as they have been in existence. There is just something about them that calls to people. If your little…more

Super Structures: The Shard

l_9781532123139_fcThe Shard

Discover the world with ABDO.  Super structures are  the world’s architectural marvels. You can learn about one that is located in London England with Julie Murray’s, “Super Structures: The Shard”. In the book readers will find out who designed this beautiful…more