Estarer Canvas Laptop Backpack w/ USB Charging Port

mbp0166a_1Estarer Canvas Laptop Backpack w/ USB Charging Port

When traveling or even just commuting for business or school it is important to have the right backpack to keep you organized and ready for anything. Estarer’s Canvas Laptop Bag fits the bill. This bag has all the details you want in a backpack. It comes with a USB charging port and a headphone jack. The bag is made…more

Super Structures: The Shard

l_9781532123139_fcThe Shard

Discover the world with ABDO.  Super structures are  the world’s architectural marvels. You can learn about one that is located in London England with Julie Murray’s, “Super Structures: The Shard”. In the book readers will find out who designed this beautiful…more

Godai Soaps: Natural Soaps with Certified Organic Ingredients

gift-set_large-5-v11Godai Soaps

Y’all already know how important it is to watch what you put on your body. Health and Beauty aids need to be safe. They will after all soak into your skin and you want anything that does that to be as healthy as can be. Your skin is after all the body’s biggest organ. What if you can actually put lots of good stuff on your skin while taking your daily shower? Well, you can…more

The Life in Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity

51Hpj6n1T-L._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_The Life in Your Garden

This world is filled with so many different and incredible species. Human beings are only one of them . Many of us enjoy having gardens. Why not make them hospitable to other life as well? Horticulturalist and Master Gardeners, Reeser Manly and Marjorie Peronto give us a taste of their wisdom in their new book “The Life in Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity”. This book available from Tilbury House Publishing shows how to turn your landscape into a garden suitable for humans and our other earthly friends alike…more