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Almondina Toastees

logo aAlmondina Toastees

I am a big fan of Almondina. I have enjoyed their cookies for years. It’s no wonder. Almondina is made from a grandmother’s secret recipe. World renowned conductor, Yuval Zaliouk, started using his grandmother’s cookie recipe in 1989 to start Almondina. Since then Almondina has been…more


The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide

9780778805601The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide

This is a truly wonderful book. A fabulous introduction to aromatherapy beauty. I love how the author, Danielle Sade BSc,CAHP, has gone into great detail without overwhelming the reader. Danielle puts all of the information you need at your fingertips to… more

Founding Fathers Coffee

13528678_674034406085266_2625954068621751015_nFounding Fathers Coffee

Hubby and I are always looking for a new great cup of coffee. Well we found several with Founding Fathers Coffee. I love the fact that Founding Fathers Coffee gives back. Founding Fathers actually supports American military families with 50% of their profits. Now that’s…more

LavHa Therapeutic Essential Oil Jewelry

lavha-logoLavHa Therapeutic Essential Oil Jewelry

I love gemstones and interesting rocks, I value the benefits of essential oils. LavHa uses them both to create their unique jewelry that I am sure you are going to love. LavHa essential oil jewelry combines the benefits of healing stones and…more


patPÂTISSERIE Gluten Free

I work with lots of people that deal with Gluten Sensitivity. One of their major obstacles with this lifestyle is finding really good pastries. I found a fabulous cookbook that can fix that…more

Bob’s Red Mill

logoBob’s Red Mill

The folks at Bob’s Red Mill believe in doing things the old fashion way. They actually grind their products on real mill stones. Why, you ask? Frankly because it tastes better and produces a better…more

Quantum Health TheraZinc Lozenges

tz-eld-loz-14ct-sq_largeQuantum Health TheraZinc Lozenges

TheraZinc from Quantum Health combines two great supplements, Zinc and Elderberry into one great tasting lozenge. I looked up the…more