Hello, and welcome to Texas Kitchen. This is my first time writing a blog so let me introduce myself.
I love food, cooking food, gardening, canning, experimenting with new recipes. I will share many of my husband and my favorites as I continue with Texas Kitchen
I grew up on a cattle ranch, where I still live,  in the great state of Texas.  We live among a multitude of wild animals, some of which you would swear were tame.  There is a wild goose that has decided my carport is home, a white tail deer doe that spends her days lounging in my front yard and a family of road runners building a nest in a tree right out my front door.
“Roadie” the male road runner and “Mrs. Roadie, the hen, can’t seem to decide exactly where they want to put their nest. They have tried around five spots so far. Roadie will gather twigs and grass, stand proud facing the front of the house with his beak full as though showing off his skills. Taking  long jumps up the tree he adds to his newest home. Then off for more materials.