For The Love of Licorice

licoriceFor The Love of Licorice 60 Licorice-Inspired Candies, Deserts, Meals and More

“For the Love of Licorice” is a truly unique cookbook. I had absolutely no idea there were so many amazing things you can do with licorice. Honestly I did not know where licorice even came from before I checked out this book. I am not talking about the licorice flavored candies you can get in the grocery store. I am talking about real licorice. It comes in…more

The Biggest Story

bigThe Biggest Story

This is the type of review I do not like to do. I am extremely honest with my opinions. When I feel I will have to do a bad one I contact the publicist to make sure they want to continue with the review before I post. Generally they ask me not to review the product. That’s why you very rarely see a negative review on Texas Kitchen. Well with  “The Biggest Story” I…more

One Pan to Rule Them All

castOne Pan to Rule Them All 100 CAST-IRON skillet Recipes for Indoors and Out

I love cooking in Cast Iron Cookware. There is something amazing about the flavors you can get simply by using a cast iron skillet. Maybe it’s a memory of my mother, father and grandmother cooking so many amazing meals in a well seasoned skillet and the love they put into that food. All I know is…more

Sweet Potato Love

sweetSweet Potato Love

60 Recipes for Every Season

Sweet Potatoes are just now becoming super popular in The United States for their numerous health benefits and great flavor. Even though many people are just getting around to trying this wonderful vegetable, it has actually been around for a really long time.Columbus found the sweet potato during…more