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The Wisp

wisp The WISP

Alright, y’all know I really loved the miniWISP. I am very excited to get to review the WISP this time. This patented system is so amazing that the manufacturer is having to work overtime to make enough to keep up with the demand. Is the WISP really that awesome? …more

The Ginger People

gingerThe Ginger People

The Ginger People sell a multitude of fabulous products containing, you guessed it, ginger. They sent over a few products for us to try. Let’s…more

Jovial Foods

jovial-picJovial Foods

Jovial Foods makes high quality ingredients from ancient grains and olive trees. The flavors created from these culinary elements are reminiscent of centuries gone by. Food the way it was meant to be…more

traditionalTraditional Medicinals Herbal Teas

Traditional Medicinals is an independently owned herbal tea company that believes in sustainability, pure ingredients and doing their best to help the environment. The company was…more

Justice Caps

justice_caps01Justice Caps

With the increase of video surveillance world wide some people would like a bit of simple privacy. According to the Telegraph “Britain has one CCTV camera for every 11 people”. Popular Mechanics says, “There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras now…more

Ross Bain’s Hook-Eze


What is Hook-Eze you may ask. It is a revolutionary new device that helps even novice fishermen tie simple and complicated fishing knots just like the pros. The nice people over at Hook-Eze sent over both the River and Coast as well as the Reef and Blue Water versions for us to try out. Since Hubby and I were off with friends to the Gulf on a…more

Choice Organic Teas

choiceChoice Organic Teas

There is nothing quite like drinking a cup of really good hot organic tea. It is one of my favorite ways to relax. I was fortunate to get to try several varieties from Choice Organic teas. Let’s…more