Reviews of Products I love


Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Packet 2.5 oz 6-pack Rose PetalSINGLE-PRODUCT-PHOTO-BATH-SALT-PACKET-SLEEVE-ROSE2

Dead Sea salts are so incredibly healthy. They are filled with 21 different minerals to help nourish your skin. This is what you find in Spa Blend from One With Nature. Upon opening the package a fantastic…more

61XdK95+okL__SX394_BO1,204,203,200_Moodles Joyful

Moodles presents Joyful. This fun medium sized soft backed book is filled with ideas that you can “moodle” What is a “Moodle”?…more

MadeOn Skin Care

MadeOn_FinalLogo_Color-e1439582957771Beesilk Hard Lotion from MadeOn Skin Care

The hard lotion bar from MadeOn Skin Care comes in a convenient travel sized tin. This unscented bar is also comes…more

51C6yYzDHzL__SX317_BO1,204,203,200_Scotland’s Best Castles and Stately Homes

I have always been fascinated by the castles of Europe. If you are too, I have found a book for you. Learning more about the incredibly beautiful historic castles and stately homes of Scotland is easy with, “Scotland’s Best Castles and Stately Homes” by Martin Coventry. This…┬ámore

The Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba_6_-_Packaged_-_Credit_Calibre8_largeThe Scrubba Wash Bag

This is one of the coolest contraptions I have seen in awhile. Talk about your compact washing machine. Scrubba is totally portable for off the grid living, deep woods camping trips and an essential for your Go Bag. What is a Scrubba? How does it work? It is a portable clothes washing system and it works really…more

9781904573449New Jewish Cooking Groundbreaking dairy-free kosher recipes

My cow’s milk allergy has sent me in search of recipes that do not contain dairy. One style of cooking that I have found that contains no cow’s milk is the meat side of Kosher. In true Kosher cooking the chef never…more

kasandrinos_vertival_logo_1429662101__71875Kasindrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is not always easy to find an olive oil that has really great flavor. You know, the kind of flavor you just want to dip fresh bread into so you can taste the oil. Kasindrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that kind of olive oil. It tastes…more