Reviews of Products I love

Line WelderLineWelder System

Fishing is a favorite past time of Hubby and I. We enjoy sitting by a stream watching God’s beautiful creation and listening to the water ripple waiting for a bite. There is something extremely relaxing about fishing. We go as often as we can. We like to fish in…more


9780764353925Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey

Having been raised in the Texas Hill Country I have seen much of the beauty there that is hidden from the eyes of outsiders. The landscape, flora and fauna of the area is extraordinary. Now everyone may…more

image1 (4)Compact Touch-Up & Portable Iron

Hubby and I love going to renaissance festivals. When we do we dress up. Keeping our costumes looking their best requires some effort. We like to look sharp so we take the…moreĀ 

IfMyMoonWasYourSunENIf My Moon was Your Sun

The love between a grandparent and grandchild is strong. Sometimes that love is so strong that youth does implausible things. Like…more

exlogoExplore Pasta with Explore Cuisine

I have numerous friends that eat a Gluten Free diet either for medical reasons or by personal choice. I personally like being able to explore new flavors in food. That is why I am delighted to tell y’all about … more

untitledThe Beauty Chef
Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing

True beauty comes from within can be taken two completely different ways. Yes there is personality. We all know that to be very important. There is also something to the old saying you are what you eat…more

Cra6994ca3811771e1cb1337616929e8a39ft of Pizza

I love really good pizza. Sometimes it is hard to find. What do you do in this case? Make your own. “Craft of Pizza” by Maxine Clark will show…more