Reviews of Products I love

Tropical Traditions

tropicaltraditions_brand_logoTropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions founder and CEO, Brian W. Shilhavy BA, MA learned the benifits of coconut oil when he moved to the Philipines with his wife and family in 1998. He learned many of the natural health ways of the older Filipino generation. Coconut oil is a big part of their lives. With this knowledge, Brian started…more

Tribest Personal Blender

logo_headerTribest Personal Blender

I love a sweet snack now and again. When you have that sweet urge, it’s important to make sure you are snacking healthy. That’s where the Tribest Personal Blender comes in really handy. Tribest makes it super easy to make your own…more

Jammin’ in the Jungle

jammin_in_jungle__97874_1400814073_451_416Jammin’ in the Jungle

Jammin’ in the Jungle from Beat Boppers is a great way to teach your little one the basic of music. Children will learn different rhythms, beats, pitches etc… while they have fun and get in some…more

outFirst Words Out And About

First Words Out and About is a super cute hardboard book. I love how the pages actually have tabs with pictures to…more

warpaintWarpaint Natural Teeth Whitener

Ok y’all, this one may seem a little bit out there, but you know me. If it looks interesting I am going to try it. What am I talking about? Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener of course. This Australian…more

31845_120142484693250_411852_nBrooklyn Slate Cheese Board Starter Kit

Ready to throw a party? Want to really impress your friends? You can easily up the classiness of your appetizers by serving them on a Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board. Hubby and I got to try out the Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board Starter Kit. This fabulous…more

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen strives to create products that enrich your diet with super foods. They do not use industrial seed oils, artificial sweeteners, gluten, grain, soy or dairy. They sent over a few items for us to try. All of the items Hubby and I got to try are paleo-approved. Let’s check em out.

Primal Kitchen Coconut Cashew Barcbar

Dense, sticky, chewy. Coconut Cashew Bar will…more