Reviews of Products I love

lsLittle Sun Charge Solar Charger

Y’all already know from reading my posts on being prepared that I have an affinity for solar. Little Sun Charge Solar Charger is one of my favorites. Made by the same company that makes Little Sun Solar Lamp, I knew right away it was…more

mix-and-matchlunchbox.jpgThe Mix-and-Match Lunchbox

Over 27,000 Wholesome Combos to Make Lunch Go YUM!

This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in years. There is no excuse to ever get board with lunches anymore. The Mix-and-Match Lunchbox gives you 27,000 different healthy lunch combinations…more

Shakespeare for Kids

slipcaseShakespeare for Kids

I remember being introduced to William Shakespeare’s writing in high school. The elegant writing style was difficult to understand during my teenage years. But…What If?…What if I was introduced to Shakespeare when I was younger?…more

Marsh_187A Day in the Salt Marsh

This is the story of “A Day in the Salt Marsh”. Author, Kevin Kurtz, tells it so well. He goes into detail of each subtle change the marsh goes through in a day. These are the changes most people do not stop and take the time to see. The creatures and their habits, the rise and fall of tides, the sights and sounds of life in the salt marsh. Love the…more

The Pear Aficionado

pears_cover_web.jpgThe Pear Aficionado

I love fruit picked fresh from a tree in your own yard. One of the blessings with being able to pick your own fruit is you get A LOT of fruit off of one tree.  All of that fruit comes in really fast You are going to need a plan…more

Primal Essence Instant Organic Herbal Super Teas

Primal Essence sent us over all of their Super Teas for us to check out. First off I am absolutely loving this whole concept. So easy to take your preferred super tea anywhere you go. Imagine having your favorite cold tea instantly any time you want it. For preparing the hot version of your choice you just…more

image1Fracture – Your photos printed in vivid color,
directly on glass

Alright, I know what you are wondering. What on earth is Fracture? Well, let me tell you. A Fracture is a picture printed directly onto glass. There is no need for a frame because the folks at Fracture have the mount already on…more