Reviews of Products I love

 9781455537778The Freds at Barneys New York Cookbook

We all know shopping at Barney’s New York is incredibly hard to beat. But, do you know about the incredible food available at Freds at Barneys New York? This flagship restaurant…more


Hydro Strike

9027_Hydrostrike_R_PKHydro Strike

Gotta love a game where if you score your opponent gets sprayed in the face with water. Well, that is exactly what they get in Pressman Toys fast action game Hydro Strike. Built for…more

51SycfpOj3LGordon Ramsay’s Healthy, Lean & Fit: Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You for Life

If you are like me, you have a kind of love hate relationship going on with Gordon Ramsey. I hate how he treats people sometimes but, I love his food and how smoothly he can make a kitchen run…more

rs=h_125Lavender Blossom Olive Oil Soap

I admit it, I am the lady you see sniffing all the handmade soaps everywhere. Y’all know how I feel about aroma therapy. So finding a beautifully scented soap is heaven to me. Hubby and I recently stopped at a road side stand and I was blown away at the scents that…more

OPanda Love: The Secret Lives of Pandas

Giant Pandas are beautiful creatures that are loved all around the world. Unfortunately, there are very few Giant Pandas left in the wild today. Thankfully, conservationists have spent decades learning about the hidden breeding habits of these gorgeous animals and…more



Play over 10 games with Goliath Games new i-Top. This is the Next Generation of Tops. Packed with electronic fun and flashing lights. Your kids will spin for hours, playing over ten different fun games. Make it a contest and try and get the most spins, the i-Top keeps track of…more

O (1)Ready-To-Eat: Stir-Fry Over 70 Delicious One-Wok Meals

The Asian continent has brought the world so many amazing flavors. These flavors come not only from the often exotic ingredients, but their preparation as well. The art of Stir-Fry has been around for a long time. Many say the wok was invented over 2,000 years ago. The wok can be used for many different cooking techniques including one of my favorites, Stir-Fry…more