nat2 Healthy snacking is the only way to go if you ask me. Trouble is finding something new and creative to snack on each month. The folks over at NatureBox make that easy with their monthly program that delivers healthy snacks straight to your door. I was sent a NatureBox for review. Let’s check it out.

January NatureBox

This was the perfect way to start the new year. This box is all about eating healthy and getting a head start on staying fit in the New Year. In the box were five nice sized bags of scrumptius treats.nat3

I received:

Cranberry Almond Bites Oh man these are good. Bite sized treats are like little cookies with a crunch. Can’t stop eating them. Hubby may be out of luck if he doesn’t get home soon. Really good.

Chocolate Ginger Bliss Really? Do I have to say it? Chocolate Yeah. Wasn’t quite sure how the ginger would mix in, but it works. Gotta be a ginger lover to like this one. That’s what I love about NatureBox. Trying things you wouldn’t expect.

Wild Berry Bunch Delightful blend of sweet and tart berries. Makes your tongue really happy. Dried fruits are very moist and fresh tasting.

Lone Star Snack Mix This one’s my favorite. Not just for the name, though I love anything about Texas. The flavors of chipotle and mesquite smoke are fabulous. Love Love Love this one. Really addictive.

Orange Crush Granola Rightly named. has a lovely orange crush aftertaste. Not to crunchy, sweet and filling. Very satisfying way to snack.natu

NatureBox makes it easier for you and your family to eat healthier. Your monthly membership delivers hand-picked snacks to your door along with recipes and ideas for healthy eats. Each NatureBox costs just $19.95 and your monthly box always ships free. You can pause or cancel your delivery at any time.

  Every month, you’ll discover nutritionist-approved snacks that taste great. Our snack experts will send you a new Discovery Box of snacks each monthSee what you’ve been missing: all-natural snacks that taste great. We’re so sure you’ll enjoy your snacks that we’ll happily issue a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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Food Should Taste Good

535707_10150706410308910_559351405_n Like to snack? I do. Worried about what’s in your chips? Not me. I found some great chips that have ingredients you can actually pronounce. Yeah. They are called “Food Should Taste Good”. These chips are very well named. I was sent three bags to review. Let’s check em out.


Fabulous chip for your favorite salsa or queso. Perfect all dolled up as nachos. Good crunch, great flavor.

It isn’t a party til Cantina arrives.Made from fresh, hand-cut, tortillas, these chips are created from three simple ingredients.

sweet_potatoSweet Potato

The crunch and the sweetness of the sweet potatoes in this chip make my day. Makes my tastes buds are dancing for joy.

Sweet Potato is the superfood to be thankful for. Hint of cane sugar enhances the natural nuttiness of the sweet potato in a chip that is a riff on a classic baked sweet potato. Try the chips with a fresh fruit salsa.


I love mutigrain chips. The one’s from Food Should Taste Good are at the top of my list. Deliciousness in a bag.

Multigrain is the perfect dipping partner. Flax, sunflower and sesame seeds add to the distinctively nutty flavor, making this chip a wholesome, perfect snack to be enjoyed on its own or dipped into your favorite hummus.

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FlipFold the Ultimate Folding Tool Giveaway

flip-fold-adult-shirt-folder-2T My man has no t-shirt folding skills. I do not know if he does it on purpose or if he just has no folding genes in his body. The other day we got into a discussion on this matter and I decided there has got to be a better way. I then went online and Googled t-shirt folder and lo and behold I found the answer, FlipFold. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the non-folder in your life has no more excuses…more

Abel’s Field DVD Giveaway

abelAbel’s Field

I love this film. A great Christian DVD that shows how, especially when life gets tough, it’s ok to ask for help. The main character “Seth” goes through so much and still he tries. Through all his struggles I am so proud of the young man “Seth” is. Hope that when folks watch this picture they will learn to work hard, deal with the pressures of life and know when to ask GOD…more

Conscious Box

slide7 Love getting great surprises in the mail every month. I know I do. Conscious Box is a fantastic way to get to know lots of new products that are good for the Earth. I was sent this months box for review. Let’s check it out.

Conscious Box

This months box arrived packed with lots and lots of great items.

Hail Merry Choco macaroons: Bite sized goodness. Tastes like a dark chocolate coconut brownie.3_5_macs_choco_set

These decadent Choco Macaroons are the perfect afternoon mood lift or just as a special treat to taste the richness of plant-based oils. Comfort food at its tastiest to feed your body royally. Enjoy every last crumb!

wafers_mintyQ-bel Mint Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars

Whole grain crispy wafers. Crunchy, Minty, Delicious.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural vanilla), sugar, palm oil, whole grain wheat flour, wheat flour, wheat starch, coconut oil, free range egg yolk, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), mint oil and salt

Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Rollthumb

Big fan of these, Great snack option, Healthy and super yummy.

It’s true, we’re nuts about nuts over here at LÄRABAR, and Roasted Nut Roll is a sure sign that we are still as passionate about them as ever. A sweet and salty standout, the shining stars of this bar are the almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts that bring the crunch and the flavor we go nuts for.
So many more items in the box. I’ll let you be surprised when ya open your box and explore the goodness.

Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet—just like you.

  • Handpicked products delivered monthly
  • Only the purest brands pre-filtered for you
  • Discover ethical businesses you can trust

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