Cover Your Hair Accessories Giveaway

Off_White_Classy_4fd7f0d365ef5_375x500 I love to see the way people do their hair. There are so many different styles to try. The right accessories make getting your hair the way you want it easy. I want to tell y’all about It is a wonderful site packed full of almost anything you can think of to put on or in your hair. They sent over…more

Going Green for Back to School with PaperlessKitchen Giveaway

logo The good folks over at PaperlessKitchen are out to make the world a better place one meal at a time. They sell so many great products that help your family help the planet. Whether you take your lunch to school or the office Paperless Kitchen has great environmentally friendly products to help ya…more

Cook With Confidence – Like Having One_On_One Cooking Lessons at Home

Cook with ConfidenceCook With Confidence – Like Having One_On_One Cooking Lessons at Home

Wonderful for the beginning cook. You know, that friend of yours who can’t boil water. “Cook With Confidence” teaches even the most novice in the kitchen how to cook. The first section starts off extremely simple then each new section gets progressively harder. For example in the “Get Started” part the student learns how to do things like cook a fried egg properly. The “Novice” section moves on to recipes like “Basic Beef Stew” and “Stuffed Chicken Breasts”. The third, “Intermediate”, cooking section gets a bit harder. This part includes foods like “Pork Chops with Cook with Confidence-2Applesauce” and “Pasta Arrabbiata”. The final section of the cookbook is titled “Advanced” and it teaches you to make “Paella”, “Mixed Seed Bread” and many other mouth watering recipes I love that each recipe comes with lots of full color photographs of the preparation steps. Makes it really easy to know you are doing everything correctly. The book comes with a DVD that you can watch so you will feel like you are at cooking school with your own private tutor. This is a great way for anyone interested in learning to cook to get started. Many kitchen skills can be learned from the Cookbook CVC combo.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Love Foods and Parragon and get ya some of these great cookbooks. Check out some of their other book categories while you’re over there. I was sent a copy of Cook With Confidence for review purposes.

Nourishmat by Earth Starter

479828_510967728948862_490051971_nEver wanted to have your own garden but had absolutely no idea where to start? Think it will be to hard? Have I got the perfect solution for you. It is called Nourishmat and it is so cool. What exactly is a Nourishmat you ask. It is a 4′ x 6′ roll out garden that takes all the guess work out of gardening. The mat is self irrigated so watering is a breeze. Just hook up the hose. It has holes at the proper spacing 24299_568171669895134_1315698856_nalready in the mat so you know exactly how close you can plant your seeds. Nourishmat even uses the companion planting method so your plants can actually benefit from the plants near them. The seeds come in seedball form so they are not as susceptible to birds They are surrounded by everything the little seeds need to get a good start. You still have to water them of course but I told ya how simple that is going to be. The seedballs do not even need to be started indoors. Weeds should not be an issue with Nourishmat due to the thickness of the mat. It not only blocks weeds but help retain moisture so your plants can grow and produce. Gardening made easy. Ya don’t need acreage to garden. Remember Nourishmat is 4′ x 6′ so almost anyone can have their very own garden. You can even purchase seedballs separately if you only have a windowsill. Seedballs can be direct planted in pots for super small spaces.  And y’all know I totally love the fact that Nourishmat is working with their suppliers to provide heirloom and organic lines of seed and that Earth Starter Sources all Non-GMO seeds. What all does the Nourishmat come with? Check out the features.

935009_523158981063070_797899139_nNourishmat Garden features:
Built-in irrigation
Pre-cut holes and plant spacing
82 Pre-planted seedballs
19 Plant types
Easy to plant
Weed barrier
Garden staples
Mat-to-Mat hose connection
Online resources

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Nourishmat and get ya one or two. They make great gifts and super fun class projects for schools. There is even an Herb Mat for those of you that love cooking with fresh herbs.

Victoria Footwear

mommy%20fever%20blogVictoria Footwear

Finding the right pair of shoes to suit your personal style is a wonderful thing. I found a wonderful company that sells the cutest, most comfortable shoes. Let me tell ya about  Victoria Footwear. First thing I noticed when I opened the box was this amazing smell. I know, I know y’all think that it’s weird to smell shoes. I did too, but these shoes smell really good, like fruity bubblegum. Super cute styles and lots of colors available. Now they don’t come in half sizes so you are going to have to order a whole size. They seem to run a tad small, so if ya wear an 8 1/2 you might want to get a 9. The Victoria Footwear company started in La Rioja, Spain in 1915. Yes, they have been around awhile. No one stays in business that long without having a great product. Founder Gregoria started making the shoes in honor of his new wife Victoria. These comfy canvas shoes have been part of Spanish fashion for decades.

Safari Lona Tintada – Beige

16688%20safari%20lona%20tintada%20beige This is the pair I received for the review. They are super comfortable and stylish. It only took a few minutes for them to feel like I wasn’t even wearing shoes. I like that in a shoe, cuz I am one that would rather run around barefoot all the time. When I can find shoes that feel like I am barefoot that is a real plus to me. These shoes are made from high quality materials. The stitching is beautifully done. All in all Victoria is top notch footwear.

The Victoria Safari Lona Tintada is a stylish lace up mid-top sneaker.

These classic European tennis shoes are made up of 100% natural cotton grown in Spain and natural rubber.

Color: Light Tan

Made in Spain. 

vic%20kids%20styleThey even make kids for men and kids.

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Tego Power Grid Giveaway

999359_537931546274463_1390686069_nTego Power Grid

This is a really cool electronic gadget. Hubby is aptly nick-named “Techno Junkie” as he loves finding fun and useful techno gadgets and trying them out. He likes taking his iPhone and iPad  along where ever we go. Sometimes he is watching videos, checking the latest sports scores, taking photos and communicating with friends while we are out and about. At times his gadget power levels drop pretty low and there is the possibility that “Techno Junkie” may have to live in the no- electronic world for awhile…more

Betty Crocker and Box Tops for Education Special Edition Cookbook

image002 Betty Crocker and Box Tops for Education Special Edition Cookbook

If you are into saving Box Tops for Education I have a wonderful cookbook for you. Betty Crocker and Box Tops for Education have gotten together and designed a special edition cookbook filled with 1500 recipes that your family is going to love. Since this is a special edition there is a 32 page bonus section that has family baking favorites that use products with the Box Tops for Education.  For those of you who are not familiar with Box Tops for Education, it is a program designed to help schools raise money for all those extra expenses that come along throughout the year. Each Box Top submitted earns your school 10 cents. If your kids eat like the ones in my house do, that will add up fast. Each cookbook comes with ten bonus Box Tops that you can use to help out your child’s school.

I am sure most of y’all are familiar with the big red Betty Crocker Cookbook. My mom had one my Grandma had one. All of my Aunts had there own copy. It’s a pretty American family tradition.  I grew up on these recipes. This cookbook is awesome. It starts out with some highly useful info right inside the cover. Food Yields and Equivalents, Food Substitutions, Metric Conversion Guide, Equivalent Measures and Common Abbreviations. You would be surprised how many younger people don’t know a lot of this info. All of these lists make any recipe easier to follow. The sections in the Betty Crocker Cookbook include: Getting Started (What any new cook needs to know) as well as numerous varieties of foods from appetizers, breakfasts, sauces, meats and deserts to vegetarian with lots and lots of others in between. A wonderful gift idea.

Product Descriptionlogo_btfe

About the Book

Earn money for your child’s school with this special edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook

Team up with Betty Crocker and Box Tops for Education, a nationwide program that helps parents earn money for schools. A bonus section at the front shows how to get involved and offers recipes ideal for baking with kids—each using a product containing a Box Top that can be clipped and saved.

Following that is the entire 11th edition of the cookbook. Filled with 1,500 classic and new recipes and 1,100 gorgeous photos, as well as invaluable cooking guidance, The Big Red Cookbook is better and more comprehensive than ever before. The book features:

• A new 32-page section of family baking favorites, each using at least one Box Top product • Bonus recipes and photos, such as Bear Cookie Pops, Salted Caramel Shortbread Cookies and Whole Grain Banana Bread • 10 Box Tops free inside! • 1,500 recipes, over half new to this edition • 1,100 beautiful photos, including 350 step-by-step photos • Three new chapters on Breakfast and Brunch, Do It Yourself (including canning, preserving and pickling) and Entertaining (including cocktails and party treats) • Great features: Learn to Make essential recipes like Apple Pie and Roast Turkey; plus Heirloom Recipes paired with fresh new twists • A Learn with Betty feature showing how to make the perfect cake, muffin, and other foods, including what can go wrong • Mini recipes  giving quick bursts of inspiration in short paragraph form • Access to 85 online videos demonstrating recipes and techniques from the book, as well as hundreds of bonus recipes

Filled with classic and fresh ideas, beautiful photos and great features, this is the only book you need to enjoy a lifetime of great cooking and to nurture that love in your little ones. 

Ready to buy?  Head on over to your local book seller and get ya a copy or two. I was sent a copy of the cookbook for review purposes.