Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection

Carmex has a new Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection. These are a great way to show off your personality with a fun design on you Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Tube. Available in four fun styles. I got all four for review. Let’s check out the styles

moisture-plus-chic-large-1Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Chic

Classic is always in style. Love the black and white gingham pattern.

The Chic stick is inspired by Audrey.  She’s a modern girl, with classic taste. She detests anything garish or overly-embellished, preferring instead the sophisticated style of black and white patterns with an elegant, high-end aesthetic. On a Saturday night, you can most likely find her at an upscale art gallery opening or attending a theater performance.

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Fabmoisture-plus-fab-large-1

Purple print that says I am in the it crowd.

The Fab stick is inspired by Edie, the girl who embodies the spirit of London in the 1960s. She believes the miniskirt is the best invention of the 20th century, and she’d never dream of leaving home without her eyelashes curled to perfection. She loves anything new and of-the-moment, from avant-garde art to the latest buzzworthy band. On a Saturday night, you’ll find her at the newest, most talked about club in town, always surrounded by a circle of über-hip friends.

moisture-plus-adventurous-large-1Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Adventurous

I say this style screams Peggy B all the way. Loving the leopard print look.

The Adventurous stick gets its up-for-anything attitude from Peggy. She’s the girl who has never turned down a concert ticket most of her stories begin with the phrase “I was at this great show, when…” When it comes to fashion, Peggy believes the wilder the outfit, the better. From leopard print pants to leather jackets, there’s no fashion statement she’s afraid to try. On a Saturday night, you’ll find her in the front row at the most rocking concert in town.

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus® Whimsicalmoisture-plus-whimsical-large-1

This one just feels like a free 1960’s kind of style. Love the way it has so many colors to match whatever you are wearing.

The Whimsical stick is inspired by Skye, the free-spirited, nature-lover. Skye is the girl whose ideal weekend is spent camping in the woods, soaking up the beauty of the wilderness.  She prefers clothes that allow her to express her creativity, without restraining her from going on a spur-of-the-moment hike. Jeans and a tunic or organic cotton maxi dresses are her everyday favorites. On a Saturday night you’ll likely find her at an outdoor concert or music festival surrounded by like-minded people.

Ready to buy? Find your favorite Carmex style at a retail store near you.