Black Hawk Down The Untold Story

54834_3lBlack Hawk Down The Untold Story

What we are allowed to see on the news does not always represent what actually happened. That is why I love to watch “Real Stories” on film. You get a much broader…more

Phlat Ball V3

Phlat Ball V3

Phlat Ball V3 is a new type of ball that is a great way to burn some energy and get some exercise as a family. To play simply press the center circle together and give the disc shaped ball a toss. It is made to…more

A Hero’s Welcome

A Hero’s Welcome

I love historical documentaries. They really make history come to life. So much more than simple names and dates bound in a book for all eternity. Documentary films give viewers a glimpse into the real world surrounding the facts and figures. A Hero’s Welcome is a collection of…more

Learn Van Gogh’s Methods

9781910552858The Van Gogh Activity Book

Van Gogh is one of my favorite artist’s. I was literally brought to tears when I gazed upon the original of his masterpiece “Sunflowers” while in London. His style of painting is extraordinary. Have you ever wondered about Van Gogh’s methods …more

Comfortable Sandals for Everyday

PSSBJ..._500xHand Made Palm Leaf Sandals from PLAKA

Sandals are a way of life in summer. Not all sandals are the same. Many are comfortable, but fall short in the looks department. Most that look great feel terrible. Why can’t sandals look fabulous and be comfortable at the same time? That is what I love…more