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Toosum – Gluten Free Oatmeal Bars

PNG_Image_1200_1200_pixels_-_Scaled_55_grandeToosum Cherry & Plum – Gluten Free Oatmeal Bars

Smells really good. I like the muffin like texture with a slight chew. Ripe cherry …more


Barbecue Party

30633-Barbeuce-Party-Box-250x260Barbecue Party

Can you grill the perfect meal? Will the grill jump and toss food everywhere. Find out in Goliath’s fun new game…more

Adored 365 Devotions For Young Women

762794Adored 365 Devotions For Young Women

Knowing God’s Word is so very important. I like the acronym of the word Bible Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The Bible is truly the answer to everything. Imagine…more

Kutoa Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars

Chocolate-Espresso-KUTOA-Bar-1200x800_largeKutoa Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars

Hubby and I got the chance to try out Kutoa’s  Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars. Let’s check out some of the flavors…more

GoSports FUSION Soccer Balls

image1 (1) GoSports FUSION Soccer Balls

Soccer has been a favorite outdoor activity worldwide for a very long time. The first game was actually played in London, England in 1863. Since then it has grown to a worldwide phenomenon. If you want to…more

My First Book of Korean Words

9780804849401.website__52479.1492111338My First Book of Korean Words

We live in a great big world filled with many different languages. I find it helpful, even polite, to try to learn at least a few words in other languages. If you are interested in helping your child learn a new language…more

NIV, The Sola Scriptura Bible Project: The Complete Collection Rediscover the Holy Art of Reading

9780310448129.jpg.1489136990NIV, The Sola Scriptura Bible Project: The Complete Collection
Rediscover the Holy Art of Reading

This is my new favorite way to read the Bible. I have read God’s Word straight through several times. I have even read it skipping around and tried some of those “Read the Bible in a Year” programs. The Sola Scriptura Bible Project makes reading the Bible like…more