Frost Guard: Simple Solutions to Cold Weather Problems



2 Security Panels | Wiper Cover | Mirror Covers

Don’t let winter weather make you late another day. Whether you live up north where the temps dip way below zero, or down south where I live, I know there have been days you have either been late or almost been late because of snow or ice on your windshield. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing your windshield completely covered in ice when you are already running behind. It is just one of the issues ya deal with when you have to park outside.

This does not have to be a problem, not if you have Frost Guard that is. Frost Guard is an amazing way to keep your windshield frost and snow free everyday. This revolutionary system covers your windshield so you can easily rid your windshield of ice or snow.

Check Out this Video to See How Easy Frost Guard is to Use:

Frost Guard is made of durable polyester with a PVC lining that is weather resistant. The coverage is all the way across your windshield. Heavy duty straps wrap around mirrors while weighted flaps shuts in your door to keep the wind from blowing it away. Frost Guard is so easy to use. It literally takes seconds to install and seconds to take off. Dries quickly so ya don’t get a wet car while driving to your next location. Comes with a handy storage bag and a 3-year hassle free warranty. You even get mirror covers to match for extra protection. Available in sizes that fit everything from small compact cars to Large trucks and SUVs. Check out the Frost Guard Reviews to see how many people love Frost Guard.


By popular request, Deluxe comes with two security panels, a wiper cover and coordinating side view mirror covers. The panels work with the Fit-Fast elastic straps to hold the FrostGuard windshield cover snug during winter’s worst days.

  • Constructed of heavy polyester with weather-resistant PVC lining
  • Fit-Fast® straps made of premium woven elastic with 3 loops to find the perfect fit 
  • 2 panels to shut in your front doors to keep it in place,,   
  • 2 sizes and a 9″ wiper cover to protect your primary viewing area 
  • Quick-dry pouch means no soggy backseat
  • Protect your side view mirrors from wintery elements 
  • 3-year warranty with hassle-free claims


  • Standard Dimensions: 60″ x 41″
  • Standard Mirror Covers: 10″ x 9″
  • XL Dimensions: 68″ x 41″
  • XL Mirror Covers: 13″ x 11″
  • Weight: 1.8 LBS 

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