Bialetti Pasta Pot Giveaway

The Bialetti family of products started out in Italy and has gone international. These guys sell kitchen items for cooking and creating the perfect cup of coffee. Bialetti sent over the “original” Pasta Pot from the Trends Collection for me to check out. I was able to choose fro three bold colors, Purple Passion, Orange Spice or Blue Cheer. I chose purple.The pasta pot is a generous 5 quart size. It has handles on both ends for easy mobility. The kicker is the great strainer lid that allows you to easily pour off the water from your pasta without spilling anything or having to wash another…more

17 thoughts on “Bialetti Pasta Pot Giveaway

  1. Love it!! Also can;t wait for the whole line of cookware to come in the blue cause I want to buy it for my daughter as a Graduation gift. Love you guys!

  2. would love any of them!!!! am a big pasta eater this would make my life a whole!! lot easier !! Thanx for the chance to win 1 of these!!!!

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