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Many people underestimate the importance of earthworms in our world. These usually small invertebrates are so amazing they actually help our food grow. Did you know that? You can find out this and more in…more



Ever had a problem seeing your cell phone screen outside on a bright sunny day. It is hard to hold, shade and use your phone with just two hands. What do you do?…more

Desire_50_10__48859__45475.1528222178Desire – Aphrodisiac Synergy

I love synergistic essential oil blends. You know, where the essential oil company has the perfect mix of oils to suit your mood. Pure Anada’s “Desire” is one of my favorites. This blend of…more

Untitled-1__49043__60343.1528216793Repair Luxury Treatment

We all want to age beautifully. Having a daily routine helps ensure your skin maintains its youthful appearance for as long as possible. I am closing in on 50 fabulous years on this planet so I take skin care seriously…more


RZ20KK-A_Charge_580x@2xRazorMega Portable External Battery

Y’all, this is the ultimate travel phone charger. It can actually charge two devices at once using the two built in USB-A Ports. Razor Mega’s 2.4A output quickly charges cell phones, tablets and many other USB devices such as eReaders and mp3 players. The 20100mAH Battery allows for…more

image1 (4)Cast Iron Anchors | Metal Wall Décor

Making your house express your style turns your house into a home. I have a love of history. I want something different. Something that you just don’t see everyday. Finding unique and affordable….more



Light is all around us.
it stimulates sight and allows us to see the world around us. Let your kids learn more about this amazing luminescent agent…more