Reviews of Products I love

Color Smash

Color_Smash_2Color Smash

A fun fast paced card game the whole family can enjoy. Younger children will need to…more


l_9781629709345_fcThunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning can be scary at times. There is something about the unknown that can unnerve…more

1BBQ Smoking & Cooking Journal App (iOS & Android)

Love to cook outside? Want to master the art of smoking meat like the Pit Masters? You can keep track of all of your smoking techniques with Cave Tools new BBQ Smoking & Cooking Journal App…more

1048838883-OrganicBrowniePkgWebsiteRGB150.2017Organic Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

Brownies are one of my favorite treats. I am quite the chocoholic. Namaste Foods for Everyone sells an…more


Paper is used all around the world in everyday life. Where does it come from…more

Logo_larger_x64Crooked Creek Farm Pork Jerky

When I think of jerky I can honestly say pork is not the first protein that comes to my mind. When we got to try Crooked Creek Farm’s Pork Jerky I have to admit I was intrigued wanting to know how it tastes. I was…more

exfoliating-sugar-scrub-era-organics_1024x1024Natural and Organic Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Soft healthy beautiful skin comes from taking care of yourself. Through proper nourishment inside and out. Even so environmental contaminates can damage your skin. Dead dry skin cells can make your skin look unattractive and unhealthy. What do you do?…more