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The Smoking Bacon and Hog Cookbook

bacon1The Smoking Bacon and Hog Cookbook The Whole Pig and Nothing but the Pig BBQ Recipes

I LOVE Bacon. I also love pork sausage and pretty much any type of BBQ pork. Needless to say when I received “The Smoking Bacon and Hog Cookbook” I was thrilled.

This cookbook is loaded with so many delicious and creative ways to BBQ pork. Everything is covered, ribs, pork belly, butts, shoulders, ham and of course bacon. There are even recipes to make your own pork sausages.

I love that when they say whole hog they mean it.”The Smoking Bacon and Hog Cookbook” tells you exactly what you need to know to cook a whole hog. Recipes for injections, dry rubs and sauces are included.

Filled with pictures, this cookbook from Bill Gillespie, shows some of the most innovative ways to prepare pork. Four words. Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings…y’all aren’t going to believe how they do this.

Publisher’s Description:

Award-Winning Smoker Recipes for Ribs, Pulled Pork, Bacon and More

For a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, Insulated Vertical Smokers Like a Humphrey’s BBQ, as well as Barrel Smokers

Bill Gillespie, whose barbecue team was named Grand Champion of the prestigious American Royal Barbecue Invitational, also won the Jack Daniel’s Invitational with his pulled pork recipe. In short, Bill is passionate about and good at smoking pork.

In his second book, Bill shares new versions of his award-winning competition pork recipes, as well bacon2as easy homemade bacon, unique fatties (stuffed and smoked sausages), incredible chops and roasts, and then takes it to the next level with his outstanding whole hog cooking technique.

Bill explains all the secrets that elevate his smoking to the top of the game. His recipes are simple and easy to follow; the results are amazing. If you like smoking or know someone who does, you need to have or gift this exceptional collection of recipes from one of the top pitmasters of BBQ.

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