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Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2

logoZoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2ZK136_JumboIceTrays_1_large

Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2 make 6 Jumbo ice cubes in each tray. These are much larger than ice cubes from your basic ice tray. These over sized cubes are slow melting so your drink won’t get watered down so quickly. Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays have flavor guard lids. What does that mean? It means no more freezer flavored ice. Who wants freezer flavor in their ice cubes? I know I don’t. These lids even help keep you from spilling water from the trays before they freeze.

Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays are made from super flexible silicone that makes the ice simple to get out of the tray. Also helps prevent your ice cubes from splitting and cracking.


Make perfect ice cubes using Zoku’s silicone Jumbo Ice Cube Trays. This space-saver pack of two molds makes six extra large ice cubes each and conveniently stacks on each other. The tightly sealed flavor-guard lid prevents freezer-tasting ice and spills while transporting to the freezer. Nearly flawless cubes easily remove by inverting the silicone mold—no rinsing required!

Ready to Buy? Head over to Zoku and get a set.

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