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Yellow Butterfly 3D Deco Light from 3DLightFX

$_58Yellow Butterfly 3D Deco Light

Looking for a truly unique gift idea? 3D LightFX has you covered. They sell lots of fun three dimensional nightlights. Whether you are a sports fan, comic aficionado or Disney lover 3D LightFX has what you’re looking for.

These fun and unique lights can add that special touch you are looking for to complete your distinct décor. 3D LightFX sent us the Yellow Butterfly 3D Deco Light for review. The light is much larger than I had expected. I was picturing your basic nightlight size. No, this light is actual tree branch sized. The butterfly is larger than life so it really brings a touch of fantasy to the room. What a perfect addition to a child’s fairytale bedroom. I love that these lights are battery operated so you are not limited to where you put them because of electrical outlet placement.

Included as part of the package is a detailed sticker of leaves that you can put on your wall before mounting to give the light an even more realistic look. This sticker also makes attaching your light to the wall easy. Simply apply the sticker where you are wanting the light and drill in the pre-measured spaces marked with an X.

3D LightFX lights are available worldwide, check the website for more information.

Styles Available:2261670


Warner Brothers







Star Wars


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Ready to Buy? Head over to 3D LightFX and get ya some.

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