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WEDDER-OurProducts-Beechwood-image.pngWedderspoon Beechwood Honey

This is by far the thickest honey I have ever tried. Flavor is out of this world. A bit nutty. Full of sweetness Wedderspoon Beechwood Honey is the perfect ingredient for smoothies, a fabulous addition to coffee or tea. Tastes incredible right off of the spoon. I feel like the bees in New Zealand need to take a tiny bow. They did a marvelous job.

New Zealand Beechwood honey is unique in that it comes from the sticky-sweet sap of the Beechwood tree.
The color of beechwood honey is based on seasonality. Honey produced in the spring is auburn in color and falls under the Light Amber category in the Pfund color grading system. Beechwood in the autumn is claret in color and falls under the Amber category on the Pfund color grading system. It smells earthy and well refined. As the liquid honey spreads across your tongue you will quickly discover warm sugary notes with hints of pine resin and caramelized sugar.
Wedderspoon flavorful Beechwood honey is raw, Non-GMO verified and all sourced, packed and labeled in New Zealand.

Wedderspoon Rata HoneyWEDDER-OurProducts-Rata-image

This honey has a creamy golden color that is really different from honeys I have had from the United States. It is thick and delicious. Sweet with a slight buttery flavor. Almost like candy. Tastes outstanding on a biscuit. Wedderspoon Rata Honey is how to get your sweet on the healthy way.


Rata plants are located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island; blooming from January to March. The irregularity of rata blooms makes Rata honey one of the most unique and rare honeys on the planet. Rata honey often ranges from pearl to blush in color, falling into the Water White category on the Pfund color grading system. The buttery smooth varietal of Rata honey is popular amongst honey enthusiasts due to its mild, sweet aroma. Your palate will be greeted with a salty-sweet combination of floral and caramel tones.
Wedderspoon Wild Rata is raw, Non-GMO verified and is sourced, packed and labeled in New Zealand.

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