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Water Infusions

9781612434018_01Water Infusions

We have all heard that we are supposed to drink more water. If you’re like me you want some variety, some flavor in your beverages. Hubby and I personally drink a lot of herbal teas, organic juices and coffees. We really do enjoy them. Sometimes though we want something cold and refreshing and different. That’s where “Water Infusions” comes in. This book is filled with lots of highly creative recipes. You will be thrilled with the variety of flavors. We are not just talking about adding a twist of lemon or lime to your water. The back cover of “Water Infusions” gives ya a sneak peak. Check out these drinks: Cherry Lime Vanilla, Spicy Lemon Jalapeño, Mango Lime Immunity Blast and so many more.

“Water Infusions” is not just recipes. It also explains the importance of water and the truth about beverages. It’s quite scary when you find out what is in a lot of supermarket beverages. You are going to want a copy of this book.

Recipe Sections Include:

  • Fruit and Veggie Infusions
  • Herbal Infusions
  • Fancy Infusions
  • Healing Infusiona
  • Ice Cube Recipes


Publisher’s Description:

Refreshing, Detoxifying and Healthy Recipes for Your Home Infuser
By Mariza Snyder and Lauren Clum

Everyone knows that drinking more water is the fastest, simplest step to improving health. But it’s also the most boring and tasteless step. Until now! Water Infusions makes it easy to stay hydrated, keep one’s system flushed and get the right amount of water every day while actually enjoying organically delicious beverages.
Instead of chemical-enhanced, calorie-packed store-bought water, the 75 recipes in this book pack flavorful fruits, veggies, herbs and essential oils into thirst-quenching, detoxifying waters that are 100% natural. Featuring flavorful recipes like the cleansing Lemon and Cucumber Mint, the immunity-boosting Orange Blast, and the fizzy Strawberry Lime Soda, this is the ultimate guide to getting the most out of your infuser.
More than a recipe book, this informative handbook details the vital relationship between water and good health. It also provides nutritional information on the various fruit and vegetable readers can use in their infusers while separating truth from myth on the importance of water in one’s diet.


Ready to Buy? Head over to Ulysses Press and get a copy.

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