Waiting – Menschen an Haltestellen. People in Transit


Waiting – Menschen an Haltestellen. People in Transit

We have all been there or at least seen someone there. Standing, or sitting,…waiting for a bus, a train, plane or automobile. It happens everyday, all around the world. How we wait differs in different parts of the globe. Photographer Dieter Leistner has traveled all sorts of places capturing mankind waiting.

The pictures are fascinating. Each turn of the page brings you to another part of the earth. Europe,Asia, Africa, South America and even some parts down under are featured in intriguing full color photos. Words are limited to the location of the picture. Go on a tour of our planet “Waiting” on public transportation.


Since 1978, Dieter Leistner has been photographing people waiting at public transport stops throughout the world. Whether in Asia or Europe, South America or the Indian Ocean, in the countryside or in town, in capitalism or socialism – Leitner captures those waiting subtly and with a professional perspective. He opens up a cosmos of instantaneous shots with their own particular aura: sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholic, sometimes bustling, sometimes lonesome. The observer is always part of the composition, recognising themselves in some of those waiting.

Dieter Leistner is a professor of photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and works internationally as a lecturer. With numerous exhibitions
he is among the most well-known contemporary German photographers. His photos have won multiple awards and been published widley.

Observations from more than 40 years: A panopticon of waiting people throughout the world at transport stops from Europe to New Zealand. 

  • A photographic panoply of people waiting at public transport stops, from all over the world
  • Quirky instantaneous shots by an avid observer of life

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