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Brooklyn Bean from Two Rivers Coffee Direct

14329909_1167089233334844_786683435777869332_nTwo Rivers Coffee Direct

Two Rivers Coffee Direct is a great place to fulfill your coffee delights. they sell several brands of coffees, teas, ciders, cocoas etc… so you are sure to find one you love. Hubby and I got to try out a variety pack of coffees for our Keurig from Brooklyn Bean Roastry.

Our variety pack of 40 single serve cups included many of Brooklyn Beans coffees in assorted roasts and flavors. They really have a lot of different coffee blends y’all. Let me tell you about some of Hubby and my favorites.

My favorite actually surprised me. It is Cinnamon Cinnamon_Subway_compactSubway. ( I love all of the cute names Brooklyn Bean chose for the blends) After working in bakeries for years I have had a slight dislike of cinnamon. Something about mixing 50 pounds of cinnamon sugar everyday for over a decade will do that to you.  Needless to say I was hesitant in trying this blend. I am so glad I did though. The smell was amazing, the flavor even better. This is not just cinnamon flavored coffee. this is really good coffee with the perfect amount of cinnamon added. I love it. Cinnamon Subway has brought me back to my love of cinnamon. Thank you Brooklyn Bean Roastry.


Brooklyn Bean Roastery Single-Serve Cinnamon Subway. The neighborhood of Brooklyn is a blend of tastes and cultures. Brooklyn Bean Roastery whisks you right here to our corner of the globe with the perfect blended combination of rich coffee and toasted cinnamon. Spicy-sweet and elegant – a tantalizing flavored coffee treat. Hold on tight. Our pastry-inspired brew will put you in head-to-toe cinnamon bliss.

Coney_Island_Caramel_compactHubby’s favorite was Coney Island Caramel (Told ya the names were cute). He says it reminds him of caramel covered apples in the fall. The flavor is not overwhelming.  It is smooth and delicious. A very good cup of coffee.


Just one sip of Coney Island Caramel brings back sweet memories of that first taste of homemade, gooey caramel. You know… the kind that melts in your mouth as your eyes roll to the back of your head in delicious delirium? Mmmmm hmmm. When the buttery toasted sugar and hints of vanilla cream blend with our 100% Arabica coffee beans, it’s all-over cozy.

Big Kahuna is another winner in my book. An awesome blend of macadamia nuts, whiteBig_Kahuna_compact chocolate and coffee love. Smooth, tasty, exquisite.


With this seasonal flavored coffee there’s no need to spend big bucks on a ticket to Hawaii, you can enjoy the taste of the tropics right from your kitchen. Put on a lei, find a beach chair, close you eyes and get swept away to coffee paradise with the blissful aroma of creamy white chocolate, perfectly toasted Hawaiian macadamia nuts and freshly ground coffee. Aloha.

Another blend I have to mention is Fugheddaboutit (Yes I really really love the name) I Fuhgeddaboutit_grandelove this coffee. It is the perfect get ya outta bed and get started on your day cup of dark roasted boldness.


Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s Fugheddaboutit blend. You wanna know about this coffee? You really wanna know if it’s the darkest of dark roasts, the boldest of extra bolds? Fuhgeddaboudit (pronounced forget about it, to you non-New Yorkers)! If you’re looking for a tasty, full-bodied, smoky blend, this is the brew for you. Capisce? When we say this coffee is bold you betta believe it’s bold.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery is only one of the brands of the coffee available from Two Rivers Coffee. They have many others to choose from. Go check em out.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Two Rivers and get ya some. If you can’t decide which one to try first, get a variety pack or just get a box of every flavor they sell. There are a lot of them and I can honestly say I liked em all.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.

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