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True Jerky

TJ_logo-NewTrue Jerky

Jerky is something I have eaten since I was very young. It packs well when camping or hiking and it just plain tastes great. Not everyone makes good jerky though. I have had good and bad. When True Jerky said they were going to send over some of theirs for Hubby and I to try I was like YAY. I’m in. Let’s Check it out.

The OG (Peppered)Peppered-Front-web-resolution

First, I want to point out that these bags are very full. You really get your money’s worth from True Jerky. Now let’s see what they taste like.

The OG is quite tasty. It has a slight black pepper coating that goes so well with the U.S raised beef. Tender and perfectly seasoned. This is my favorite.


This jerky lover’s jerky serves up tradition with a rich and smoky twist. Fresh garlic and ground pepper activate the taste buds while agave nectar rounds out the flavor with a refreshing sweetness.

Honey-Bourbon-Front-web-resolutionThe Old Fashioned (Honey Bourbon Brisket)

Tender and moist.  Bourbon and Honey make a great jerky. I love that True Jerky adds the special touch of an individually wrapped flossed tooth pick for just in case.


Bring this home grown American flavor with you on Derby Day. Moist brisket cuts are soaked in the pronounced flavors of Kentucky bourbon (the only bourbon!) and fresh honey, for a silky smooth flavor from start to finish.

The Sinsa (Korean BBQ)Korean-BBQ-Front-web-resolution

Smells amazing. Has a bit of a bite to it. Really good. Very tender jerky with a big pop of flavor. I you like spicy you are going to enjoy this one.


Sweet and tangy with just the right amount of spice, Sinsa (Korean for “Gentleman”) has a unique, Asian-fusion marinade influenced by famous Korean barbecue dishes like Bulgogi.

Thai-Chili-Mango-Front-web-resolutionThe Sweet Heat (Thai Chili Mango)

Slightly sticky with a touch of Thai chili.  The mango is very faint. A new take on jerky flavor.


Prepare for sensation overload. This Thai curry-inspired jerky has a distinct Thai taste. The heat comes through in full force, sweetened up with bursts of mango for multiple layers of flavor from start to finish.

Pa-Le-O.M.G. (Spiced Honey Turkey Jerky)Spiced-Honey-Front-web-resolution

This is one of True Jerky’s Turkey Jerkys. It smells smoky and has a light honey flavor in the finish. For those of you that prefer not to eat red meat.


Blackberry-Merlot-front-web-resolutionTHE SOMMELIER (Blackberry Merlot)

This beef style jerky smells like wine and has a berry finish.


Like us, this jerky is California born-and-bred. Soaked for 24 hours in Merlot from California’s wine country, The Sommelier sweet and smooth, balanced with blackberries and cloves. This jerky pairs well with a fun time, so toast to a “good year.”


Maple-Glazed-Pepper-front-web-resolutionThe Mountie (Maple-Glazed Turkey Jerky)

Darker than the other turkey varieties. The smell of maple greets your nose as you open the bag. Maple and black pepper with a smoky finish.

Ready to Buy? Head over to True Jerky and get ya some.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.


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