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The Ultimate Book of Whiskey

whiskey 1The Ultimate Book of Whiskey

Have you ever walked into the liquor store and wanted to try a new whiskey?  I do all the time. The hard part is looking at all of those bottles and knowing which one you will actually enjoy.  Sure you can just look at the bottles and pick the one that speaks to you. We all know how distinctive packaging can Whiskey 2make you want to try something. The thing is not all Whiskeys are the same. Far from it.

What do you do? Get this book. “The Ultimate Book of Whiskey” available from Parragon. It tells you about more than 200 single malts, blends, bourbons and ryes from around the world. Yay.

“The Ultimate Book of Whiskey” gives you lots of whiskey knowledge. Do you know the difference between whiskey and whisky? I do now after ready the book. The descriptions of the whiskeys include flavor notes, ABV etc…along with a bit of history of each whiskey.

whiskey 4“The Ultimate Book of Whiskey” is actually a set of two books. The second book is a log for “Tasting Notes” In it you can record 100 different whiskeys according to their tasting notes: Smoky, Rich,Light, Delicate. This will enable you to remember your favorites in the years to come.

Publishers Description:

The Ultimate Book of Whisky provides a fascinating introduction to the most renowned whiskies from around the world. Including more than 200 of the finest whiskies each entry is accompanied with color photography, historical information and detailed tasting notes describing the appearance, style and unique flavors of the whisky. The accompanying Tasting Notes book enables you to write down your impressions of a whisky, capture unique flavors, and mention those characteristics that make the whisky distinctive. This key information will help you remember the whisky in the future and build up a record of the drams you have tasted.

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