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The Square The Cookbook Volume 2: Sweet

9781906650827-330x329The Square The Cookbook Volume 2: Sweet

The Square, written by Chef Philip Howard, a winner of two Michelin stars, is volume two in a masterful culinary adventure. This beautiful hardbound book shares the secrets of some very elegant deserts as well as how to make incredible breads from scratch. Photography is exquisite. Recipes have all the information required to recreate these extraordinary dishes at home. Chef explains service, overview, what to focus on, key components, timing and methods used to get perfect results. Such incredible attention to each detail. Flawlessly written.

Chapters Include:








Deserts in a Glass




Petits Fours

Publisher’s Description:

 The second volume of the extraordinary work from two-Michelin-star chef, Philip Howard that began in September 2012 with The Square: The Cookbook Volume 1: Savoury. Regarded amongst his peers as one of the world’s great culinary artists, his lifetime of dedication and creativity have gone into writing this monumental work of gastronomic creativity and technical expertise. The Square: The Cookbook Volume 2: Sweet gives precise instructions on how to create food of top Michelin standard. Meticulous, detailed and fiercely intelligent, this is a book that will set the benchmark for books of the highest culinary ambition. Featuring brilliant dishes such as his signature Brillat Savarin Cheesecake with Passion Fruit and Lime, and Lemon Posset with a Blueberry Compote and Warm Vanilla Beignets. Philip Howard’s incredible second volume features a full repertoire of sweet recipes, each accompanied by the beautiful photography of Jean Cazals. A must-have book for all chefs, but a great book for keen amateurs and serious foodies alike.


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