The Paintings of the Vatican Museums


vaticI Dipinti Dei Musei Vaticani The Paintings of the Vatican Museums

Some of the most beautiful paintings in the world are held in the museums of the world’s smallest country. The museums of the Vatican contain some truly incredible masterpieces well worth the trip to see in person. If you cannot go there, or simply want to see these gorgeous works of art for yourself from home, I have found the book for you.

In the pages of “I Dipinti Dei Musei Vaticani
The Paintings of the Vatican Museums” one is visually whisked away to Vatican City. The book is filled with full color images of paintings by Raphael, Donato Creti, Barocci, Leonardo di Vinci and many many more. Each turn of the page takes you on a tour of The Picture Gallery, The Niccoline Chapel, The Borgia Apartment, Raphael’s Rooms, The Gallery of Maps, Saint Pius V’s Apartment, Sobieski Hall and The Hall of the Immaculate Conception. A must have addition to your art library. Written in Italian and English.


The Vatican Museums is one of the most important museum complexes in the world, housing incredible masterpieces from the Egyptian Age to the late Renaissance.

The Vatican Museums hold a treasure trove of art and history, as well as an inestimable patrimony of our culture and our civilisation. This volume focuses on the paintings to be found in the collection – including The Sistine Chapel.

Introduction, Picture Gallery, Niccoline Chapel, Borgia Apartment, Raphael Room, Gallery of Maps, Sant Pius V’s Apartment, Sobieski Hall, Hall of the Immaculate Conception.

Text in English and Italian.

An Italian art historian, Antonio Paolucci is the Director of the Vatican Museums. He has been Minister for Cultural and Environmental Assets and Superintendent of the Museum Centre in Florence.

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