The Noodle Soup Oracle – Hundreds of Possibilities for the World’s Favorite Comfort Food


9780762464586-1The Noodle Soup Oracle

Knowing what you want from a good bowl of noodle soup can be complicated. Do you want Ramen? Pho? Wonton? Saimin? Maybe something in between is more enticing to you. Food has rules, but it is ok to break em. The most comforting recipes are what you enjoy. Whether you go strictly by the book or venture into something new is entirely up to you.

Michelle Humes has written the quintessential guide to bowl recipes in her new book, “The Noodle Soup Oracle”. Readers will learn how to build a proper pantry that is ready to fulfill their noodle soup fantasies. The book goes on to describe many various noodles, broths, proteins, dumplings, vegetables including how to prepare them and finishing touches. Mix em, match em or follow one of the many included recipes for full bowls. The choices possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


This isn’t your traditional noodle soup cookbook. It’s a mix-and-match guide to building the dish you want to eat.
First, you’ll choose your noodle. Next, pick your soup, whether it’s a broth from scratch or one that starts from a box or can. Finally, decide on the proteins, vegetables, and flourishes that will give your bowl color and character-the Oracle will show you the best way to prep nearly any topping you can dream up.

Within these pages, you’ll find tried-and-true flavor combinations and start-to-finish bowl recipes, but they’re here to entice and inspire, not constrain. Add to them, subtract from them, and shatter the boundaries between ramen, saimin, and pho.

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