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The Natural Soap Chef

9781612430621The Natural Soap Chef

The essential beginners guide to soap making. “The Natural Soap Chef” explains everything you need to know to get started making home made soaps for yourself, your friends or even to sell.

Soap making can be a fun creative and quite useful hobby. I love that “The Natural Soap Chef” includes recipes for goat’s milk and coconut milk soaps. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. So many amazing sounding soap styles and they are all accompanied by pictures so you know just how your soap should look when you are finished.

Chapters Include:

  • Soap Making Essentials
  • My Process, Step by Step
  • Beginners Recipes
  • Coffee, Tea and Stout Recipes
  • Goat’s Milk, Coconut Milk, and Purée Recipes
  • Recipes to Impress
  • Packaging and Presenting

Publisher’s Description:

Making Luxurious Delights from Cucumber Melon and Almond Cookie to Chai Tea and Espresso Forte
By Heidi Corley Barto

Create natural, moisturizing, aromatic soaps at home that are easy to make, inexpensive, and a joy to use

Soap is supposed to cleanse and soothe skin, but what’s available in stores often just dries and irritates. With The Natural Soap Chef anyone can quickly learn how to make all-natural soaps that gently wash even the most sensitive skin. Not only are these soaps good for the body, they beautifully dress up any home with their delicious scents and colors. This book will show you the way your great-grandma made soap, by using the cold process method utilizing the basic components of soap: lye and oil. With easy-to-follow instructions and photos that guarantee success, you’ll be a soap-making expert in no time!


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