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The miniWISP

imageThe miniWISP

I saw an advertisement for TheWISP on television. I immediately thought to myself this broom can’t really be as good as they say. I asked to do a review. TheWISP is so popular that the manufacturer could not send me the full size version. I was sent The miniWISP for review instead. When I opened the box I noticed that the bristles are densely pack. There are a lot of them y’all. I also noticed the dustpan actually fits flat across the floor. Normal dust pans generally have a small gap where dust and dirt go underneath. That leaves a mess when you try to pick up what you just cleaned up. Not so with miniWISP. I had no problems picking up anything I cleaned with The miniWISP. It even works on things as fine as baby powder.I tried it on linoleum flooring, tile, and an area rug. The mini WISP worked great. I was even able to get those tiny little pet hairs that try to stay in your rug after you vaccumn. Is the WISP as awesome as it looks? I think so.

Manufacturers Description:

Patented miniWISP attracts & collects stubborn pet hair & dirt off any surface
Dense, short 90° angle electrostatic bristles in convenient 6″ width
Dustpan combs make bristle cleaning easy & hands free
Compact size easily stores in bag, car, truck, RV, or in camping gear

Ready to Buy? Head on over to TheWISP and order one now.

I was not paid for my opinion,but may have received a free product for review.

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