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The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures

212-644-Product_LargeToMediumImage-thumbThe Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures

This is a truly beautifully bound book. Love the gold lettering on the word Magnificent. Love he multiple type styles in the title and the raised Orca that embellishes the paper over board cover of this gem. Larger than most books, this is going to be the favorite book of many a child.

The book itself covers facts and figures for 36 different ocean  creatures. Written by Tom Jackson and illustrated by Val Walerczuk, ” The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures” is magnificent itself. Every turn of the page show the reader a new creature, each unique in many ways. While reading we learn many facts about these creatures. I love that there is a picture of each one that compares it size wise to a human being. Wow some of the sea creatures are really big. Habitat, Length, Weight, Life Span, Diet and area of the world each lives in is listed for every one. Love that the final page of the book includes a world map with pictures of where each featured ocean creature lives.

Fun, beautiful and educational. A brilliant addition to your child’s library.


The world’s oceans are teeming with amazing animals, and The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures brings this undersea world into the reader’s hands with dazzling, oversized illustrations and captivating facts. Each of the 36 animals is presented in full color, accompanied by interesting information about how it survives in its natural habitat. Key characteristics of each creature are also presented in fact boxes for easy reference. From the reclusive giant squid and the awe-inspiring blue whale to the colorful insulamon freshwater crab and the mysterious oarfish, the magnificent creatures of the oceans lie in wait on these pages.

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