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The Ginger People

gingerThe Ginger People

The Ginger People sell a multitude of fabulous products containing, you guessed it, ginger. They sent over a few products for us to try. Let’s check em out.

Organic Minced Ginger ginger-minced

Nutritious and delicious. Organic minced ginger can be added to your favorite recipe. Great in soups, on fish, in stir fries or sweets really anywhere you want to add that special zing Ginger gives. The Ginger People mince their ginger perfectly for ease of use. Let organic minced ginger help you make your next dish amazing.

Product Description

Add Organic Minced Ginger to marinades, salad dressings and sauces. Flavor up steamed rice. Create a ginger stir fry, season grilled scallops, Napa slaw or shrimp cocktail.

ginger-jarCrystallized Ginger Gift Jar

Crunchy, chewy sweet ginger with a spicy end note for the tip your tongue. I enjoy the delectable flavor as an afternoon treat. This gift jar will make a wonderful surprise for the foodie in your life.

Product Description

Try our crystallized ginger hand-packed into an exquisite ginger jar. These succulent, tender chunks of premium crystallized ginger can be enjoyed as a snack or as a flavorful baking ingredient. Chop and toss into fruit salad, a warm bowl of oatmeal or your favorite cookie recipe.

Hot Ginger Jalapeño Sauceginger-jal

Smoky, spicy, tangy goodness. Perfect way to add a little heat to your meal. Tastes amazing on brats, fish, eggs or your favorite grilled veggie. Hubby says he has found a new favorite hot sauce. Really, really delicious.

Product Description

Ginger adds character with natural sweet heat while jalapeno adds powerful kick. Combined, this sauce is a spicy dip with unparalleled signature heat. Liven up eggs, meats and sandwiches with this spicy dip. This all purpose hot sauce heats up the house and plays well with most anything.

The Ginger People sauces contain more ginger than any other brand and feature ingredient lists reflecting the freshness and quality of top restaurants.

Ready to Buy? Head over to The Ginger People and get some of these great products.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.

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