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The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet: 106 Amazing Things Your Dog Can Do on Command

dog1The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet: 106 Amazing Things Your Dog Can Do on Command

If you are wanting to teach your dog some tricks or just teach him/her to sit and stay, “The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet” is the book for you. Written by celebrity dog trainer, Babette Haggerty, this book covers it all. Well organized with super easy to follow instructions. I love how each trick has hand signals and verbal cues for your dog to follow. All of the tricks give you a degree of difficulty and an average time it will take for your fur baby to learn them.It also shows gentle ways to get your pet to obey without forcing them to.This makes it fun for both of you.

I am super impressed with the diversity of things that can be taught to your dog. Everything from the basics to teaching your dog to dance and sort laundry are covered. Yes I said sort laundry. There are games, fun ways to impress your friends and even tricks that can help you out like ringing a doorbell and wiping their feet. If you have a dog you need this book.

Publisher’s Description:

Featured on the Today show!

Not only does training your dog new tricks give you something to show-off at parties, but it also keeps your dog engaged and moving, and helps you become closer and more in-tune with your pet. And who better to learn from than the pros? Babette Haggerty has trained Jack Nicklaus’ Golden Retriever to bark the number of his major tournament wins on command, Curt Gowdy’s Rottweiler to say, “Go Reds” and Jimmy Buffett’s Maltese to dance on cue to “Margaritaville”.

In The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet, she offers up more than 100 of her best dog tricks, many of dog3them featured by her famous father, Captain Haggerty, on David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks. Tricks include:

– Bring Me the Ringing Phone
– Wipe Your FeetWeave Poles
– Open the Door
– Balance an Egg on Your Nose
– Strum a Guitar

Step-by-step photos, more than 500 of them, pack the pages showing you the tricks to the tricks. In no time your dog will not only bring in the paper, play dead and roll over but also count objects, jump into your arms, crawl like a soldier and take a bow.

dog2Babette was voted “Palm Beach’s Favorite Dog Trainer.” She has been featured on television and radio, including Animal Planet, Martha Stewart’s “Living Radio” and most recently, the E! reality series,Married to Jonas. She has also published several articles in Dogs USA and Dog World magazines. She splits her time between Palm Beach and New York City with her two children as well as French Bulldog named Babe and German Shepherd named Barkley.

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