Gwen’s Blends Natural Hair and Skin Care

I am always looking for new skin and hair care products. The nice folks over at Gwen’s Blends sent me some of their products to try out.  These products are made with real natural super foods and ingredients. Let’s check out what I got to sample:

Healthy Hair Kit

You don’t need much shampoo or conditioner to get your hair clean. Use water to help incorporate it all over your hair. The shampoo is one of those that doesn’t have all the chemicals that give you lather so don’t expect any. Great for extremely dry hair. Really  moisturizes. Conditioner can be  left in or rinsed out your choice. Healthy Hair Kit also includes Hair lotion. This can be used on wet or dry hair to add an extra layer of healthy moisture to your hair. No sulfates. No silicones.

For the healthiest hair ever, our healthy hair kit does the trick. It includes a Hair Lotion, Good Hair Shampoo,

and Good Hair Conditioner. It’s all that you will need for shiny healthy moisturized hair. It’s a healthy blend.

Shampoo Bar

This is a great way to be Eco-friendly and cut down on plastic bottles in your life. Shampoo Bar has a bit of a lather and is easy to use. Just rub between hands and apply to hair.

It looks like soap, but it’s shampoo… in a bar form. The shampoo bar still contains all the beneficial ingredients for your hair ( jojoba, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter) and cleans without stripping your hair of all its oils. The shampoo bar is perfect for spot cleaning your hair, like cleaning your scalp. It leaves your hair and scalp soft and squeaky clean. There’s no bottle to throw away and less waste. Enjoy this eco-friendly shampoo. Cut the bar into slices or use the whole bar. Scented with essential oils that keep your hair healthy. This natural hair product is a favorite among men, and it smells great!

Antioxidant Lotion

This light lotion goes on super easy leaving behind soft luscious skin.

This blend does more than moisturize your skin.  It’s packed with antioxidants which fight free radicals.  So, not only does it moisturize your skin, it turns the clock back and prevents the signs of premature aging like wrinkles and age spots. This lotion is loaded with naturally derived Vitamin E, which your skin will be happy to absorb. What’s more; it’s light enough for use as a facial lotion, and yet moisturizing enough for tougher skin on the remainder of the body.  This light formula is perfect for oily skin. Use it on the face or all over.  

Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants 

Body Glo Cream

I got to try lavender. Smells awesome. Gives skin a beautiful healthy glow. The scent lingers. I love this one.

An ordinary name just would not do. This is no ordinary cream. It’s not a jelly or a butter. It’s not a potion or a lotion. It deserves its own category — body glo. And boy, does this blend make your body glow from the inside out. How is that possible? This natural bath and body product proves to be the perfect total body moisturizer.   It is a special blend of natural food-grade ingredients like aloe vera gel, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. It’s been credited with anti-aging effects, skin firming and tightening, moisturizing the driest cracked skin, and even alleviating skin conditions like eczema.  It contains a healthy spf created from the special blend of oils ( shea butter, aloe, Vitamin E), and lightly protects from sunburn.  Plus, it really does give your skin a youthful glow ( not a blinding headlights glow.) It’s non-greasy and won’t leave a car polish shine.  Apply as often as needed to hydrate and nourish the skin. Paraben, Alcohol, and Petroleum Free

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Shielo Hair Care

  Haircare is an important part of everyone’s life. Let’s face it y’all, if your hair doesn’t look good no amount of make up or great clothing is going to help.  Shielo sent me some of their haircare products for review. All I can say is wow. Let’s check em out:

HYDRATE Moisturizing Shampoo

This shampoo smells amazing. It’s that  great smell you get from really high class salons. I didn’t need  to use much even with my long hair. The shampoo lathered very well and left my hair feeling super clean and smelling great.

Quick Overview

Moisturizes and fortifies dry or over-styled hair
Certified organic extracts of white tea and shea
Sulfate Free
8 oz 237 ml

Serious hydration to address the needs of thick, dry or overstyled hair. A great treatment for all hair types that become dry from chemical processing or the stress of heat styling. Avoids dehydration by keeping hair moisturized, fluid and free flowing.

HYDRATE Vibrancy Conditioner

This is one of the best conditioners I have used. Again you don’t need to use alot. My hair feels so amazingly soft and silky after using the shampoo and conditioner combination. No tangles at all. Yeah. I highly recommend Shielo.

Quick Overview

Plant proteins and hydrating peptides
Adds moisture for richer color
Certified organic extracts
8 oz 237 ml

Hydrate thirsty, color-treated hair with a blast of moisture. Deep-penetrating peptides strengthen hair damaged from color treatments or highlighting. Hydration replenishes the appearance of youthful hair, while vitamins and minerals are designed to seal the cuticle to lock in vibrancy.

Shielo selld products in these great categories:

  1. VOLUME (4)
  3. HYDRATE (3)
  5. ANTI-AGING (3)

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