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Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

9ac318f472e4286572cb85268260dad4Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

Spare Me is the one tool you want to have in your car at all times. This 5-in 1 Tool is so versatile you will want one for every vehicle you own. 5- in -1 you say?


What can it do?

  1. Shovel in Tight Quarters726e6570660767c330619a51f54e4ed2
  2. Give Great Traction in Snow or Mud
  3. Extra Leverage When Needed
  4. Lift Tire When Changing a Flat
  5. Remove Snow or Ice  from your Windshield

c2ccb7e9bc3232191588654b7023a1f9Made from injection molded, durable glass filled nylon resin, “Spare Me” is super tough, but not indestructible.  (Don’t ask it to do something beyond its capabilities and it will be a tool that will last a long time.) “Spare Me” is 18.5 ” long and has a 5″ wide blade. Weighs only 13 ounces so it is light enough for anyone to use. Works great in extreme heat or cold.

Other Possible Uses:05ef721cda2c25852f176f58ddbad7c5

  • Use it in the garden to pulverize balls of dirt
  • Use in the shop to place a bit more force on your vice
  • Works great on camping trips and even on the beach digging for treasure
  • Tire Chock

Love that this handy tool is made in the USA. Available in an easy to see orange or stylish black.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Spare Me and get ya one.
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