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So Well Rare Himalayan Grey Salt Light

SoWell_Logo_r-e1438765192410So Well Rare Himalayan Grey Salt Light

Not only are these rare lamps beautiful they are actually beneficial. There are many healing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. They actually ionize the air to help you stay healthy. Negative ions aid in clearing the air of mold spores, pollen, odors, cigarette smoke, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles.  How does that work you ask. The salt lamp creates negative ions that attach themselves to positive ions such as dust, pollen etc… This makes em heavy and they fall from the air on to the ground so you can sweep em away.

The grey lamps are quite unique. They come from a rare vein in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Due to varying mineral concentrations some of the lamps have white or amber highlights. This adds to the artistic beauty of the lamp. You can even get one with a dimmer so you can adjust the light to your desired level.


 Experience beautiful, well made and fair trade Himalayan Salt Lamps from ancient salt crystal hand excavated by artisans from Pakistan. Each So Well Salt Light is original and unique with striations of colors, natural fission’s and its own inherent beauty. Images are to show the “shape” and quality of our lamps. Yours will be one of a kind.  So Well has been designing and importing authentic and rare salt crystal since 2004.  Your 90 day satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ready to Buy? Head over to So Well and get ya one.

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