Snacking Done Right with All Nuts

all-nuts-logoSnacking Done Right with All Nuts

Hubby and I were blessed to get to try 5 of the awesome snacks available from All Nuts. Let’s Check em out.

Toasted Corn



Toasted Corn Hot and Spicy

Crunchy. I am not talking about that overly crunchy hard to bite texture you get from another brand of corn …. This Toasted Corn is perfect. Spice is spot on. It’s got a bite, but its not going to hurt you. Love em.

Extra Crispy



Extra Crispy Pumpkin Seeds

Another winner from All Nuts. These seeds are extra crispy. Roasted perfectly for optimal flavor. Salt is just right too.



Peanuts Chili and LemonChili and Lemon

All Nuts did not skimp with the flavor shaker on these fun peanuts. A lively bite, A touch of lemon and a slight bite. That bite grows y’all. If you like your snacks spicy you are going to enjoy these. I LOVE them.





Japanese Peanuts

Crunchy deliciousness. The flavor is new to me. I like it. Hard to describe. It’s like the combination of peanuts and a chip like shell. There are two colors in the bag. The reddish ones are a bit spicier than the lighter ones.



Tropical MixTropical Mix

This tropical medley is full of peanuts and brightly colored dried fruits and coconut shavings. Fruit pieces are full of flavor. A delightful way to get your sweet and salty on.

Ready to Buy? Head over to All Nuts and get ya some. You know you want to.
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