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chef-art-smith-smartbowl-glass-cooking-system-3-pack-d-20160301134758507~476226Chef Art Smith Smartbowl Borosilicate-Glass Cooking System 3-pack 

I love the whole idea of cooking at home. Sometimes your schedule gets so tight one might be tempted to eat out. You know you don’t want to do that. At least not all the time. You know you want to prepare a home cooked meal, but how? Chef Art Smith has the answer with his Smartbowl Borosilicate-Glass Cooking System.

What on earth is borosilicate-glass? It is a special glass that can handle temperature changes without breaking. That’s right they are microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe. Smart Bowls can actually go straight from the oven to the freezer.  The system is oven safe up to 550° on the glass bowl and 475° on the lids. How’s that for awesome?

Ok, they sound pretty cool, but how does the Smart Bowl System save me time? Chef Art Smith’s Smart Bowls save so much cooking time. You can cook a salmon fillet in 2 minutes. Yes, that is what I said, two minutes. How is that possible? The secret is in the BPA free silicone smart lid. It is specially designed to help your microwave cook faster.


2 Minute 3 Egg Omelet

We tried out an omelet. Obviously the omelet turns out bowl shaped instead of the standard omelet shape. I was very happy with the speed and ease I was able to create a delicious healthy meal for Hubby. What really impressed me was the flavor. The steam cooking gets so much flavor in the food.

Think of the amount of time you will save not having to wash dishes. Remember you can cook, store and reheat in the same bowl. Yay. Your Smartbowl Borosilicate-Glass Cooking System even comes with a handy recipe book to get your imagination going on all the possibilities with Smart Bowl. Seriously y’all, there is no excuse not to cook at home. a Two minute omelet is faster than fast food. Make your kids breakfast.

Check Out This Great Video To Learn More:

Everyone wants to eat better, but not everyone has the time or ability to cook better. Good thing there’s Smartbowl. It offers a fast, hassle-free cooking option for busy professionals, singles and the culinary challenged. Smartbowl’s unique technology cooks from the inside out and the outside in at the same time. Versatile enough to use in the oven or the microwave; it’s great for serving and freezer storage too. Think of it as gourmet cooking … without the gourmet.

What You Get

  • Large Smartbowl with lid
  • Medium Smartbowl with lid 
  • Small Smartbowl with lid
  • Use and care manual 

Ready to Buy? Head over to Smart Bowl and get ya some.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.


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