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Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

SY001PROBLA-11Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

When I was younger I loved to sit outside and stare up at the stars. What am I saying? I still love to sit outside and stare at the beauty of the universe that God has made. But what if it’s hot, or cold, or raining, or to many clouds, or you live in the city and just can’t see the stars because there are to many streetlights. And what if Mom says it’s time to come in the house, march yourself upstairs and go to bed. What do you do then?

Sega Toys has the answer. Homestar Original Planetarium puts the glory of the universe right on your ceiling. I received one for review and found it awesome. The planetarium comes with 2 discs. One shows the Northern Sky and the second shows the Northern Sky with the constellations marked for you. Other discs are available from Sega Toys. There is a fun feature with Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium. It has a shooting star option, so you can make a wish on the shooting star flying across your ceiling. The machine comes with a timer so you can have it turn itself off. If you don’t set the timer it will automatically shut off after 3 hours. This is a perfect gift idea for anyone that loves the night sky.


Imagine enjoying the sky full of stars while sitting on your sofa. This dream can become reality with the Homestar Original from Sega Toys. The high definition planetarium with the ultra-bright 3-watt LED and its rotating movement projects the night sky throughout the year. Two interchangeable disks contain the fixed stars in the northern hemisphere will enable you to observe the night sky or the map of constellations. And with the integrated “shooting star” function you can help your dreams come true even quicker. Projection angle and focus are adjustable. The handy timer lets you fall asleep while gazing at the stars turning off the planetarium automatically.

Technical specifications

60 000 stars Projection distance: 150 cm to 230 cm / 59 in to 90 in (adjustable focus) Plug: US, EU, UK
Light source: Ultra-bright 3-watt white LED Projection area: circle with a diameter of approximately 270 cm / 106 in Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Projection surface: ceiling, wall or other flat surfaces Projector dimension: 16.7 cm × 15.9 cm × 15.1 cm, 800 g / 6.5 in × 6.3 in × 5.9 in, 1.76 lbs Two-year warranty

Ready to Buy? Head over to Sega Toys and get ya one.

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