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Ross Bain’s Hook-Eze


What is Hook-Eze you may ask. It is a revolutionary new device that helps even novice fishermen tie simple and complicated fishing knots just like the pros. The nice people over at Hook-Eze sent over both the River and Coast  as well as the Reef and Blue Water versions for us to try out. Since Hubby and I were off with friends to the Gulf on a fishing trip last week, we tried em out. I showed my fishing captain friend, Rob, the Reef and Blue Water Hook-Eze and he was intrigued. The first thing he wanted to know was if the line cutter could actually cut the braided line that he is so fond of using. As you may know finding a cutter for braids is not as easy as it seems. Hook-Eze sliced right through the braid with no problem at all. Step one got a big thumbs up.

Captain Rob’s next question was, “What can Hook-Eze actually do for me?”. We all know hook-2space is limited, especially on a bay boat. You really don’t want to haul anything that isn’t going to be useful along on your trip. I showed Rob one of the You-Tube Video that Ross Bain has made about how to use the Hook-Eze. Rob was quite impressed. He kept saying those are some complicated knots he is doing. Some of those are super hard especially when your hands are stiff in cold weather.

This encouraged me to give Hook-Eze a try and I went to work trying to tie a knot on my own. The first try I watched the video and attempted to tie the improved clinch knot without using Hook-Eze. This was difficult and did not turn out well at all, even after several attempts. I then tried the same improved clinch knot with the Reef and Blue Water Hook-Eze. Easy Peasy, a perfect knot the first time, without sticking myself with the hook as I had trying it on my own.

We all like that you can attach Hook-Eze to your belt loop and that you can use it to cover your fishing hooks in transport so you don’t get stuck. Hook-Eze is the perfect addition to your fishing gear.

What can Hook-Eze Do For You?:

Check Out this Great Video that Shows You

Hook-Eze Reef Blue Water Twin Pack Green

hook1Product Description

The Reef Blue Water Twin Pack Green is a new product recently introduced to the Hook-Eze multi-function fishing tool range.


  • Knot Tying Tool
  • Hook Cover
  • Covers 2 hooks on fishing poles
  • Holds Standard 10/0 Hook
  • Holds down to 1/0 Hook
  • Holds Jig Heads, Swivels & Clips
  • Holds a variety of Specialty Hooks and Rigs
  • Attach to Belt or Safety Vest for HANDS FREE Knot Tying!
  • BIMINI TWIST made easy
  • UV Resistant Materials
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Line Cutter – up to 150lb mono and Braids
  • Twist Top Bottle Opener
  • Catch & Release – Hook Removal
  • High Quality Product

** Please note that while they are transitioning to their new packaging, the product purchased may be supplied in packaging that is different to that shown in the website product photo. The product supplied is identical in all aspects of design and quality.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Hook-Eze and get ya some. Buy a couple for your friends too. They will be glad you did.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.

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