River Rescue


RiverRescue_295River Rescue

I have a memory that involves walking down a beautiful sandy beach. I see something up ahead and ran to it wondering what kind of beautiful seashell it could be. When I got there, I was deeply saddened to find it was a clump of oil. I looked around. There were more black clumps all over the beach from there on as far as I could see.

This was my first experience with an oil spill.  At that early age all I was worried about was how this oil spill affected my shell hunting. Little did I know the damage that it caused to so many living creatures. Many of these animals actually lose there lives from these environmental disasters.

Fortunately there are people that can help. “River Rescue” by Jennifer Keats Curtis and Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research Inc tells the story of some of these caring people. This book, from Arbordale Publishing teaches young readers how people can aid birds involved in a tragic oil  or fuel spill. A fantastic way to teach your little one to help the world we live in.


When oil spills, workers hurry to clean the land and water. But oil spills can also affect every animal that lives in the area. Who helps these wild animals? On the East Coast, a team from Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research rushes to the scene to save as many as possible. Follow along to learn how these experts capture oiled animals and treat them quickly and safely so that they may be returned to the wild. This illustrated nonfiction is based on the extensive experience of the Oiled Wildlife Response Team at Tri-State.

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