Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps 4 pk from Grand Fusion Housewares



Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps 4 pk from Grand Fusion Housewares

I like to keep my food as fresh as possible. We all know this means you have to keep it covered in the fridge to keep the moisture in. Who wants to keep buying plastic wrap or aluminum foil to keep it covered. Or try having a lid for every container in your cabinet.  All those lids take up a lot of valuable cabinet space. Plus you know they are going to get lost. And do you ever really have a lid for every container that you use? I know I have a few odd shaped bowls that are hard to cover.

Let me introduce y’all to Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps from Grand Fusion Housewares. These handy little BPA Free gems are really cool. They are super flexible and stretchy so they fit all sorts of shapes. Even that beautiful, but odd shaped bowl that Aunt Sonia gave you for a wedding present. Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps grip tight and stay on. No more fighting with plastic wrap. I do not like that stuff. Grand Fusion Housewares Food Wraps work on stainless steel, glass, porcelain, ceramic and more.

In the 4 Pack you are going to get 1 Small Food Wrap, 2 Medium Food Wraps and 1 Large Food Wrap. They are all reusable, dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and of course refrigerator and freezer safe. I love that when not in use they go right back to their original shape for easy flat storage.


  • Stretch, Grip & Seal
  • Super flexible silicone covers stretch up to 3 times their size to fit a variety of containers
  • Creates an air tight seal keeping food fresh
  • Long lasting… Can be used again and again
  • Dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and microwave safe

Ready to Buy? Head over to Grand Fusion and get ya some.

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