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Pet Remedy – Natural De-Stress and Calming

Plug-in-diffuser-453x453Calming Plug-in Diffuser

Many pets feel stress. How do you stop your fur baby from feeling uneasy naturally? Try Pet Remedy. They have a diffuser with a de-stressing blend of Valerian essential oil, Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Sage that will help your pet stay calm. Pet Remedy is safe for dogs, cats, horses, all mammals and birds.

This natural method of relaxation works great and is super easy to use. Simply screw on the replaceable bottle and plug it in. Then let the slow release calming blend enter the air. Pet Remedy refills can last up to 8 weeks. Providing your pet with a feeling of calm naturally. You gotta love that. Keeps my miniature dachshund quiet and happy. Can you say no more chewed up furniture?



The special Pet Remedy formula works as a natural relaxation and helps calm anxious or stressed pets. Lasting up to 8 weeks, this plug-in diffuser has been clinically proven to reduce unwanted behaviours associated with stress.

Pet Remedy 200ml Calming Spraycalmingspray200ml-453x453

Pet Remedy is also available in a 200ml Calming Spray that can be used on bedding, and many other fabrics. Safe for gentle use on your pets coat as well.


100% natural and proven spray to calm anxious pets. Pet Remedy is pH neutral so can be used directly on your pet’s coat, bedding and soft furnishings. Starts to work immediately and can be used in conjunction with the plug-in diffuser.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Pet Remedy and get ya some.

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