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 I am a peanut butter fan. Well I actually like most nut butters. The thing is they all taste similar. Until now. PB Crave has rocked the peanut butter world with their  variations of this classic food. PB Crave has truly unique blends of natural ingredients to create some of the best tasting peanut butter I have ever put in my mouth.  Let me tell y’all about what they sent over.

This stuff isn’t just good on sandwiches (Or even just the spoon) it is also a perfect addition to your favorite recipes. We made  Gluten Free pancakes using one of the types we were sent. Our pancakes secret ingredient is PB Crave’s Coco Bananas. I found a paleo recipe online and tweaked it a bit. It isn’t paleo any more but is really really good.

PB Crave Coco Bananas Pancakes

4 bananas

2 eggs

4 TBS Coco Bananas

Put all ingredients in your food processor and turn it on. Blend until smooth. Then you warm up your large nonstick skillet to a little below medium (That worked best on my stove but they are all different so you may have to adjust) Add a bit of butter to the skillet and drop batter into melted butter. Cook as you would any other pancakes. Make sure the bottoms are done before you flip em or they will fall apart. Mine worked great on all but one, It was still scrumptious. Didn’t even need syrup.

CoCo Bananas:Really amazing. Super addition to recipe above.

A tropical blend of yummy bananas, cocoa and wild honey, this peanut butter adds a taste of island paradise to any kitchen.
You’ll go ape for this unique flavor creation. We use only the finest peanuts raised at family farms and add a mix of all-natural banana flavor, real chunks of semi-sweet chocolate and pure wild MEL-O honey for a true taste evolution.

Choco Choco:These are a little looser than regular peanut butter. Chocolate is quite mild. Had to stir it up a bit as the chocolate had settled some during shipping. Overall a great peanut butter.

A delicious double dose of semi-sweet and rich dark chocolate with premium peanut butter and wild honey — it’s decadence and delight in every bite. 

From the natural peanuts raised right here to the delectable premium dark chocolate direct from Belgium, Choco Choco brings the best of both worlds together in a mouth-watering mix of flavor goodness. We’ve even added a touch of honey to enhance the chocolate taste, making it twice as tasty.

Cookie Nookie:Ooooh you can smell the cookie dough in this one. Smooth creamy and flavorful. Sweet with a hint of vanilla. Subtle cookie dough taste.

A mouth-watering mix of chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter — it’s two classics together as one.

Don’t let the name fool you; this tasty treat is for kids of all ages. We start with farm-fresh peanuts, blend in natural cookie flavoring and add chunks of real milk chocolate. With a dash of pure MEL-O
, Cookie Nookie will knock the socks off every peanut butter lover.

Razzle Dazzle:Oh wow.Smells wonderful. Dark Chocolate is mild, raspberry jumps out. Tastes like creamed raspberry without seeds. Delish.

A twisted blend of red raspberry, wild honey, cool white chocolate and rich dreamy darkness — this peanut butter offers a magical mix of deliciousness.

We start with fresh peanuts raised by family farms. Then we add all-natural raspberry flavoring, mix in the perfect amounts of white and semi-sweet chocolate and just a touch of pure MEL-O honey for a bewitching taste sensation that is as lip-smacking good on bread as it is off a spoon.

Description from Sponsor:

Made with only the finest, all-natural peanut butter, pure honey and mouth-watering flavor favorites, PB Crave spreads excitement with every bite.

We use high-quality ingredients, proven processes and cutting-edge innovation to craft dizzying blends of unique flavors that transform everyday taste into a tantalizing, healthy treat.

Check out this video to learn more:

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to PB Crave and get ya some of these awesome peanut butters.

The generous folks at PB Crave have offered to give one lucky Texas Kitchen reader a Choco Choco Variety Pack.
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Giveaway ends May 28, 2012 @11:59PM PST. US  only. Winner will be picked via Random.org. If your profile page does not show your email address, please include your email address in your comment.  You may post e-mail as: username at domain dot com for security reasons. Winners will be notified by e-mail Please respond within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.
I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this giveaway.

Giveaway Closed Winner Elana

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