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Old-Time Farm and Garden Devices and How to Make Them

yhst-137970348157658_2483_124698782Old-Time Farm and Garden Devices and How to Make Them

The place I grew up in was an old farming community. I remember watching a few of the older farmers still using the Old-Time equipment on their farms. These strong people were of the mind that they did not want to get into debt just to buy the “new fangled stuff”. These gentlemen were perfectly satisfied doing an honest days work a little bit harder just so they could say they owed no man anything. What ever happened to those old farm implements? Why aren’t we still using them, at least on smaller farms? I believe there is a special beauty in a day of hard work. Strength comes from physical labor. Not from pushing a button on a machine and having the machine get all of the exercise for you. So, what if you want to give the old ways a try? What if you can’t find any of these tools? You can make em.

In a new book from Dover Publications author Rolfe Cobleigh, shares the secrets of making  historic farm and garden devices. This highly informative paperback book explains how to make everything from beehives to wheel barrows. Also included are helpful hints on everyday issues. Do you know how to mend glassware? I do. I read it in the book. And no, it does not involve traditional glue. How can you repair a broken water pipe where you cannot turn off the water? Get “Old-Time Farm and Garden Devices and How to Make Them” and find out how.


A splendid bit of rural Americana, Cobleigh’s book shows how anyone with a little time and money can add a touch of authentic charm to their farm, house, or garden. First published nearly a century ago, this practical guide features dozens of projects, accompanied by some 200 illustrations. A simply written text not only tells how to mount an anvil, make a cheese press, and build hog houses, but also provides handy advice on splitting wood, testing seed corn, tying practical knots, sharpening scissors, and papering a room.
From building a rose trellis to creating a bicycle-powered washing machine, readers will delight in this book’s abundance of enjoyable and useful projects. It’s perfect for novice craftworkers and die-hard fans of Yankee ingenuity.

Reprint of Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them, Orange Judd Company, New York, 1909.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Dover and get ya a copy.
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