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Native Harvests – American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes

yhst-137970348157658_2466_2143419621Native Harvests – American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes

I am fascinated by native cultures. Hubby is too. The American Indian is one of our favorites to study. I found a great book, “Native Harvests – American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes” written by E Barrie Kavasch, that lets us learn so much about Native American Indian life. While there are some great wild plant recipes in the book, it is so much more than a cookbook. “Native Harvests” explains native healthcare, ceremonial and sacred plants, smudging, spirituality, wild meats, seasonings and even poisonous plants. So fascinating.

Publisher’s Description:

“The most intelligent and brilliantly researched book on the food of the American Indian.” —Craig Claiborne, The New York TimesThis wonderful book is not just a recipe collection, but a passport to foraging and to surviving close to nature. It will tell you how to prepare familiar foods such as stuffed clams and corn chowder, but also how to fix clover soup, purslane salad, young milkweed spears, wild rice with hazelnuts and blueberries, fiddlehead stew, meadow mushroom pie, stewed wild rabbit with dumplings, spoon bread, acorn coffee, and witch hazel tea. Beautifully illustrated by the author (herself of American Indian descent), this book is also an invaluable manual on herbal medicines and ceremonial, sacred, and poisonous plants — all written with acute sensitivity to and appreciation of Native American ways.Revised reprint of The Institute for American Indian Studies, Washington, Connecticut, 1998 edition.

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