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Moodles Joyful

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Moodles presents Joyful. This fun medium sized soft backed book is filled with ideas that you can “moodle” What is a “Moodle”? They are doodles designed to help change your mood. How do they work? Use the ideas in the book to create your own moodle. The ideas for your moodle are chosen specifically to make you joyful.

Publisher’s Description:

Moodles are a therapeutic doodling concept with the power to improve your mood. Whether you are already full of cheer or hoping to rediscover the spring in your step, Moodles Presents Joyful provides the perfect canvas to express your mood. All you need is a pencil, imagination and an open mind. This illustrated collection of ideas to draw will enhance your mood, wherever you lie on the joyful spectrum.

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